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fallout 5 - Looking For People To Chill With

So, I'm a Bethesdaholic. Always loved Elder Scrolls and Fallout Games. Always wished for a Co-op based version. Finally we have it. And yeah, I get a lot of people's complaints, but those people don't understand Bethesda games, or maybe they expected it to be tooo much like Bethesda games in which they also expect Mods to fix the game. TBH I think they are on the right track. We emerged from a vault into a basically deserted wasteland and are building it up. Anyone who doesn't understand that part of the story should walk away. Moving on.

From my opinion the worst part of this game so far is the community. There is none. Been looking for Discords, all empty or people doing solo stupid stuff. I'm looking for people that just like to chill in the waste land, explore as please and do raids, Test out Co-Op Min/Max builds and so on. But it seems like everyone is just sitting around maintaining waiting for something new to emerge. Where are the people who want to make this world their own? I've seen a few, who are so far ahead they literally can sit there like a statue because they are level 1000+, but Am I the only person who see's all these builds that I want to try that require full squads that coordinate their skill sharing to increase their builds beyond what their Solo Build is capable of…. Because with the nerfs it seems like endgame is solely based on either great numbers or that one person who played long enough to have an OP weapon that no longer can be obtained and can turn a Scorch Beast Queen from a 10 min fight to a 2 min fight… I'm not saying this game is hard. I'm saying I want to see what we really can do now with the new changes and Legendary mods + Squad perk sharing… Anyway. My point is. I'm looking for people to play with but also wondering why the community is complete garbage when we are barely keeping this game alive as is.


Being someone who has played off and on since start and not really made it far level wise because I've only played a week or so at a time due to becoming bored because it's a co-op game and simply doesn't feel like it. It favor's Solo, even in a co-op group especially when there's no xp share and while this is do able it's boring as hell. So looking for anyone who wants to try actually utilize groups to create better builds. I mean personally I'd love for my Vats/rifle build to be able to utilize glow sight or other perks that can't be used with my build due to requiring other perks and maxing out perk points.

I dono, I'm probably wasting my breath though. It just seems like this community doesn't even exist. Keep joining dead Discord servers to find maybe 1 person that jumps on 1 day a week and doesn't even have a mic to chat and pass the time…

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