Lore Discussion – Enclave and Institute interactions?

fallout 5 - Lore Discussion - Enclave and Institute interactions?

Ok so recently I've been in my own little corner of the internet working on some fallout stories that follow specific endings to the main games, using the games themselves to make the characters that would show up in the story. One of the characters I'm currently playing as in Fallout 4 is called the Enclave Operator, the next paragraph is just my backstory for them and not necessary for the rest of the discussion so you can just skip it if you want. but he's

Backstory: After the loss of Raven Rock and Adams Airforce Base, what was left of the Enclave managed to escape the Capital Wasteland and made their way to Philadelphia, where the remaining soldiers and citizens decided that they'd rebuild America from the ground up and slowly expand in conjunction with their Michigan Chapter. They've re-established a Provincial government and are now trying to rebuild their might before trying another campaign, meanwhile the Military is tasked with identifying other prospering societies and evaluating if they're a threat or not. To this end, the intelligence branch of the Enclave Government created a Special Operations Group known as the Operators. The Operators are well rounded specialists that can act a both covert operatives and saboteurs as well as Shock Troop Commandos out of a suit of power armor. Mod wise the main ones I'm using for him are the Enclave Operator outfit mod, XO-2 and Hellfire Power Armor, and the Power Armor AI mod. I keep his power armor somewhere safe and then stealth my way through an area. If he caught and overwhelmed then I use the AI mod to have the power armor airdropped in before climbing in to purge the area. The Operator is sent to the Commonwealth to secure a new FOB to replace what they lost in the Capital Wasteland, and to try and get in contact with the mysterious Institute.

I'm still working on the build, and I'm having a hard time deciding what faction they'd side with. The minutemen are too weak, and they Enclave know from past experience that an area would be easier to take the region if there isn't a centralized power and The Brotherhood of Steel is out of the question due to the Events in the last games, so that just leaves me with two, The Institute and the Rail Road:


The Institute is an obvious choice, they're the descendants of surviving faculty professors and students from CIT and managed to keep themselves isolated from the surface, so the Enclave could most definitely see them as above the irradiated savages on the surface, they've used similar tactics and both believe they're the best hope for humanity, so siding with the Institute would mean having access to new allies and resources to contribute towards the reestablishment of the United States of America. However the major flaw with them is that while the Enclave would welcome the institute with open arms, the Institute themselves could turn them away, believing that if they are the old government, then they were abandoned and left behind. There is also the issue of gen-3 Synths, on the one hand they're genetically pure, free of genetic mutations, but on the other hand they're artificially produced, effectively immortal if left alone, they can't age, don't need sleep, can't procreate. The Enclave could see them as humanity's doom if they came to power, and would want to do everything they can to undermine their efforts so they can take over themselves. I also don't see the Operator taking over as Director of The Institute himself as a logical option since I'm disregarding the Sole Survivor backstory, this build someone from outside of Boston coming in and scoping the place out.

Now I'm considering the Rail Road as an option for the same reason the US government funded rebel groups in other countries in the past. The Rail Road, as they are without the Sole Survivor's intervention, are just a network of cloak and dagger soldiers focused on one thing, the protection of Synths looking to escape the Institute. Deacon himself admits that they aren't looking to change the world like the other factions are and that's why the sole survivor should trust them. The Operator could see them as useful idiots, as they're small enough to not pose any threat to the full might of a united Enclave, but also just powerful enough to take down the Institute. The issue again would be their focus on rescuing synths, but I could see this as just something he'd have to deal with later. In a position of power among the Rail Road, he could just save data on where the Synths were taken and then hand that list over to his superior officers for future use once the Enclave decides to take over if that day ever comes. The other issue is that, as the Operator will learn is that the Rail Road is a cell based organization, so his influence among them would only be limited to the Commonwealth cell, and betraying them could cause a problem for the Enclave in the future.

So this is mainly based on the lore I've seen in Fallout 3, New Vegas, and several videos on Youtube (shoutout to Oxhorn and Shoddycast), so full disclaimer, I'm not as well versed in the lore as others in the community, which is why I wanted to make this thread. So what do you guys think is more likely, if the Fo3 Enclave got in contact with the Institute, would they want to become allies due to their mutual connection to the old world, or would they see the Synths as a threat and try to destroy them?

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