Love letter to this community

fallout 8 - Love letter to this community

Fallout has been my go-to game franchise whenever I feel like spending countless hours roleplaying, escaping reality or just having fun. I’ve spent more hours altogether between Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and even Fallout 76 than I care to admit.

Back in 2010 when New Vegas released I remember still playing Fallout 3 and being excited about the new content to the franchise and coming hours I would sink patrolling Mojave. I remember starting the game first time with my Xbox 360 but as luck would have it I faced bugs and game crashes so huge that they would eventually kill my desire to play the game altogether. I still had enough motivation to suffer through the constant misfortunes and finish the main quest-line so I’d at least be able to say that I’ve finished the game.

In the last few years I’ve tried to give New Vegas more opportunities numerous times with all the patches and unofficial bug fixes that have been released but my bad luck regarding this particular game seemed to be decided by some divine powers.

Since having way too much free time for a guy my age I’ve already played through Outer Worlds two weeks after launch and it ignited my desire for something new. Because I’m way too familiar with all of the other titles in this franchise I decided to finally get New Vegas to work decently enough and give the game a proper chance to show why it is so highly praised and given birth to one of the most annoying and passionate fanbases I know. In my most recent playthrough of Fallout 3 in Windows 10 I think I had more problems to get the game running than any other game I’ve played so far but eventually I got it to play decently enough for me to enjoy it. I thought if I could do it for Fallout 3 there’s no way in hell I wouldn’t get New Vegas to run as well.


After some trial and error and researching other peoples problems and fixes from all over the internet and especially Reddit I finally got the game to run in a way I’m happy to sink hours into it. I am sincerely thankful for every modder and person in this or any other subreddit that have spent time trying to solve problems other people are facing.

P.S. I never got to experience the DLCs for New Vegas and recently asked people in here in which order to play them and thank you for everyone that gave their opinions on the matter. As I suspected and after playing New Vegas for a while I’ve realized that there is so much that I have missed back in 2010 by just playing through the main quest line. I reckon I’ll be patrolling the Mojave for a while before leaving for new areas.

TL;DR – Thank you for every modder and redditor for helping others

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