Lucky Hole Mine + Excavator + Super Duper + Bulk Acid == More lead than you know what to do with.

fallout 5 - Lucky Hole Mine + Excavator + Super Duper + Bulk Acid == More lead than you know what to do with.

Okay, so someone on here (IDR who) gave me the game on getting ridiculous amounts of lead, though it requires (or at least is strongly recommended) the Excavator Power armor set.

That's a pretty short quest series, and if you're a bored Dodeka-Centenarian toon like me, you've pretty much run out of main-sequence stuff to do. I spend a lot of time running around and gathering up ore, junk, scrap, plastic spoons, glass bottles, etc. and I generate pretty good money, and I'm constantly learning, and I love the feedback I get when I share it with you, Reddit.

So what you do is you look up Lucky Hole Mine, which I think is often over-looked because it shows up as a Cultist Camp (it is very much also this) instead of a mine on the map. It's down there towards the bottom middle right.

So you get there and the place is absolutely crawling with Cultists, but fear not, there is a chemistry station down there in the mines (along with about 250 or so Cultists and all of their associated art/loot/photo-ops stuff, including a chalkboard that says "SYRINGE+BUFFOUT==FUN?" where the aforementioned chemistry table is).

So then what you do is you go through this whole mine and look in every direction for lead and crystal deposits. This is important because it's the principal reason for your excursion in this dreadfully stuffy and clunky looking power armor into this mine. In so doing, and about 20 pretty enjoyable minutes of exploration, I learned that you can do a power run through this mine in maybe 5-7 minutes and gather up a total of, I believe it was something like 400 lead ore? I don't remember. Shoulda screenshotted it.


Anywhodles, you get to this or any other chemistry station and equip the super-duper perk, and if you don't have it, you have been losing out on an insane amount of extra craftables, including but certainly not limited x2 power armor pieces. I once crafted two ultracite torsos at once which was pretty cool. Not sure what to do with the extra tbh.

This has the effect of creating, at 5 lead scrap per 2 lead ore a total of something like 900 lead scrap, and a shit load of crystals, which I just vendor at the Whitesprings in bulk.

SO if you're tired of lugging around all those barbells from the Charleston FD or the silos like I USED to do, that's a pretty solid way to get a bunch of lead if you happen to have a bunch (and I mean about a metric ton) of acid sitting around.

If you don't however have much acid sitting around, go claim the Hemlock Holes Maintenance workshop and set up those three acid extractors real quick then go down to the mines. When you come back, you'll have 30 acid sitting in the extractors (they only hold 10 at a time I think).

This will also solve your gunpowder woes in so doing. Another place to get good scrap on a timer is The Abandoned Bog, where I set up a camp after raiding the building for typewriters, telephones, globes and concrete, kill 15 super mutants, break down their laser rifles, bulk up all the concrete, make a bunch of guns, then hulk them to Whitesprings and unload them on unsuspecting vendors.

So there's a few of my hustles, and I have the Reddit community to thank for all of these insanely helpful suggestions, so I figured I'd share the wealth.

Add/message me on XB1 GT: cy6nu51001001 if you wanna team up sometime.


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