Made it to level 76 and had a great day

fallout 2 - Made it to level 76 and had a great day

So, I picked up the game about 50 days ago. Been playing with my SO on one character, switching off. Was in cranberry bog discovering new locations and had never been to area around Mac's farm. I'd done the army loop for ballistic fiber around the bog and done SBQ with others down south, but this area was a neglected spot for us. I'm up on the Ranger Lookout and surveying the area, when I spot a Legendary Toxic SheepSquatch (Level 80ish) near the fissure site. Wary of going down there, I take some pot shots from the tower with an explosive long range weapon and take a bit of damage off. Huh, maybe this can be done, so I climb down and right about the time I wonder if Scorchbeasts will appear, they do, and in numbers. 3 total, 2 legendaries (80ish) and a 50. The Sheepsquatch is like 'you are small potatoes, PO-TA-TOES’ and gets into a scuffle with spawning scorched. A note here on build – We've been slowly respeccing into agility to get enforcer and adrenaline. We've been a shotgun/sneaky rifleman build from the beginning, but only recently understood some of the best perks to take. So we're 3x Bloody Mess, 3x Enforcer, 2x All Shotgun perks (except scattershot), 3x Concentrated Fire, 4x Lone Wanderer. All to say is that this is first real big fight with our rebuilt characters of any consequence. This enforcer perk is pretty wonderful. So I run around, kill the scorched and cripple the Sheepsquatch almost immediately. Now he/she? is legendary so tends to become uncrippled when the mutation happens, (I have really have no idea if the scorchbeasts flying around can even be crippled) so I pump about 34 rounds into it with a quad/mutant shotgun doing almost close to 200 dmg a piece. Reload, a couple more times (lol) and done. He/she drops no problem and we're in the forest so there's enough cover that the 3 scorch beats circling can't get much a hit on me. I run out of the weird pink forest and realize that I'm going to have to spam stimpaks because they literally hit me with three blasts at the same time. I use an anti-armor radium rifle from distance that grants a lot of DR while aiming. The first lands and I unload with the shotgun and surprisingly it gets to the mutation point pretty quickly, but of course the next one to land is not the same. I keep chipping away and after one cycle of landing, the lvl 50 beast is dead. Now it's time to handle the first legendary and my first shotgun dies but I have a less than stellar backup, but ok. First legendary is down, whew. Couple of times I was close to death, and lately I've been moving away from diluted stims so I think that's helping stay up during these big fights. Sometime during this moment I realized we've leveled up to 76 and then I dispatch next legendary. It’s a sweet moment, followed by some dismal rng for legendary loot. I don’t care, it’s moments like this I will treasure with this game. Thanks, Bethesda. 'Thanks for listening children' and remember what makes you SPECIAL.


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