Make perk card like hacker , picklocking , crafting, and green thumb, all passive perk cards

fallout 7 - Make perk card like hacker , picklocking , crafting, and green thumb, all passive perk cards

With this legendary perk card system coming out , there should also be another section called “Passive perk cards” or something like that. Basically so everyone can have hacker and pick locking , active all the time, without taking perk point spots. It’s pretty dumb that I have to choose between more armor pen , or being able to pick , locks.

This slot should hold up to 3 or more perk cards , at a time , without requiring any S.P.E.C.I.A.L points. Now we still have to unlock these cards through the normal ways to get them , just it goes to the passive slot.

Also with this I would like hacker perks to be in one card and pick locking to be one card.

Some cards that could be included would be:

Green Thumb

Picklock, Expert Picklock, Master Picklock


Science Expert

Science Master

Power Smith


Weapon Artisan

Home Defense

Ammo Smith

Fix it Good



Hacker, Expert Hacker, Master Hacker


Night Eyes

Here is Possible Passive cards that don’t have a huge benefit if they cost no points:

Super Duper

Travel Agent


Strange In numbers

Starched genes


Light Footed

Ones that people would like in this section but might be over powered a bit:

Fortune Finder



Go Bargain

Wasteland Whisperer

Robotics Expert

Animal Friend

Ones that need to be in Passive perk cards but would need changes:


Makeshift Warrior

I suggest make a repair card , for all weapons , that isn’t a passive perk card, to replace the cheaper repair aspect. Then make another 2 passive perk cards that allows you to craft higher tier guns and weapons.

Suggestion by u/sammydafish , Upgraded crafting benches purchasable with gold boulion , so you can add ammo smith to your tinkers station and related

Thank you for reading this far, hope you have an amazing day!

TD:LR: A passive perk card system should be implemented in some way , so we can use cards like hacker and pick locking , without having to S.P.E.C.I.A.L points to do so.

I’ll happily hear any suggestions you have , if people also agree with them I’ll edit it into the text

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