Make Watoga great again! Watoga 2019!

fallout 4 - Make Watoga great again! Watoga 2019!

I used to long for the days I would be leveled enough to head to that bright red region of the map. That day finally came while exploring the southern savage divide with a friend.

I was level 54,he was 32. Taking the highway from fort defiance we made our way towards all those white dots littered all over the city we only knew the name of. The red blast zone still active a little outside of town!

We make it to town and receive the Mayor for a day quest, after finding out way to the mayor's office battling robots and scorched, we started the quest. An hour or so later there we were, standing in the middle of town where a vertibird lay stricken, armed with our new found weapons by the name of All Rise.

I couldn't believe how awesome the area was, there were players trading, selling wares, running around killing the robots, looting containers, you name it.

Over the next 70 levels or so Watoga became a hub for me and my friends. Most of our trades and cap runs were conducted in watoga. Legendary and xp farming were plentiful, players coming and going resetting the spawns very often. Watoga was bustling, just as much if not more than before the war!

Around level 100 or so I decided to move my camp from the spot I had placed it in Flatwoods at level 2. I don't like change, but I needed to be closer to watoga as I spent most of my gme time there.

Around level 140 something changed, there were no more legendaries to farm. Bethesda had taken this away from us with no explanation as to why. The traffic in watoga went down by alot, but was still fairly busy.

Then came Wild Appalachia. The first couple rounds of content seen a large dip in prime nukes. What once was a staple in that region had become scarce. Dwellers were free to roam the area without power armor or rad suits. No longer did every lobby have that bright red circle of death and despair, it was just not there.

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Traffic in watoga got even less, the SBQ runs continued, but not as often. Watoga was a busy place, vendor bot and Phoenix would have small lines of people waiting to unload their junk loot for caps, while others looked forward to pillaging thru their recently acquired inventories for that one thing they have been looking for!

Then, here she comes, the purveyor made her arrival. Watoga became a complete ghost town, the once great robots of watoga now spend their days watching tumbleweeds blow around. Watoga is now just a place on the map, the station has become a place for people to unload their legendaries for scrip, and their junk for caps but there's no lines to be seen.

Then we got player vending, this moved most all camps from the southeast, to south central by the whitespring. Whitespring retained all of its glory, while Watoga was just left to die alone and helpless. I too even ended up moving that camp near watoga to twin lakes, closer to the sales action. I kind of regret it, but the revenue doesn't lie, the southeast end of the map is not good from a sales standpoint.

Bethesda, you created a hell of a thing within Watoga, the game has changed so much since beta and launch. What most all players used to itch to get to, now is just a desolate shell of what it once was. Please give Watoga some meaning again soon, it breaks my heart everyday I go down there to start the heart of the enemy.

Bethesda,make Watoga great again in 2019!

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