Making the most of double XP weekend

fallout 7 - Making the most of double XP weekend

Just sharing some ways to boost your XP gains in general and during the double XP weekend, mostly aimed towards newer players. Easiest way to level quickly is to grab some friends and party up, using inspirational level 3 in conjunction with some of the other XP boosting items. Taking workshops and doing events are the easiest ways to gain XP quickly, as well as farming high level, high density enemies such as Whitesprings and West Tek, as well as events such as One Violent Night, Line in the Sand, Distant Thunder and Uranium Fever(Also give good rewards/legendary's).

NOTE The XP buffs from foods (canned meat stew, cranberry relish etc Do not stack!)

Well Rested +5% XP (2hr) – 2hr XP boost for simply spending a minute sleeping in a bed.

Path to Enlightenment +5% XP (1hr) – Completing the Path to Enlightenment event and communing with the Wise Mothman grants an XP buff. Not a particularly reliable event to trigger, but always worth doing when it shows up on the map. The event spawns just south east of Vault 76 at the Landview Lighthouse(
0eIKi3B - Making the most of double XP weekend


Canned Meat Stew +5% XP (1hr) – Canned Meat Stew is a reward given from the Feeding the People event located at Mama Dolce's Food Processing Plant near Morgantown, east of Vault 76 (

Cranberry Juice +2% (30mins)

Cranberry Cobbler +5% XP (30mins)


Cranberry Relish +10% XP (1hr) – Cranberries can be found in many locations around Appalachia. Many can be found in the field south of Aaronholt Homestead (
dizfr14 - Making the most of double XP weekend

https://imgur.com/a/dizfr14). They can also be found throughout the Cranberry bog's sundew groves. Cranberry Cobbler is super easy to make only requiring cranberries and wood. The recipe for Cranberry Relish can be bought from the Whitesprings recipe vendor for about 120ish caps. Cranberry Relish also requires Gourd and sugar to make, 5 plants of Gourd can be found in Rayleigh Clay's Bunker in the Mire (
https://imgur.com/a/e65OZ3E). This location however requires some progression through the story line to access. A few can be found at the Hornwright Summer Villa (
https://imgur.com/a/HOx7ZwS). Planting the one you find into your CAMP and using the Green Thumb perk can quickly allow you to build up a reasonable supply to farm. Sugar can be found easily throughout Flatwoods and Whitesprings, and it can also be crafted.

Inspirational(Perk) +5-15% XP (Whilst in a team) – This perk gives 5% XP per rank (1-3) whilst in a team. Requires 1-3 Charisma to use.

Live & Love 8 +5% XP (1hr while in a team) – Similar to the Inspirational perk this magazine gives +5% XP when used in a team.

Bobblehead:Leader +5% XP (1hr) – This bobblehead grants +5%XP when used for an hour.

What other methods/events etc does everyone recommend?

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