*** Mama Murmrgh’s Mystery Pick! ALWAYS THE BEST PICK

fallout 76 discussion and inform - *** Mama Murmrgh's Mystery Pick! ALWAYS THE BEST PICK

How you can see it on this images:

AFjxBZO - *** Mama Murmrgh's Mystery Pick! ALWAYS THE BEST PICKhttps://imgur.com/AFjxBZO

You can pick the *** Murmrgh's Mystery Pick! for 65 scrips.

And I think it's the best pick. My guess is that you get a 3* random item (meele, range or armor) for 65 scrips.

Let's do math:

let's say you're happy with any type of legendary item and buy the pick 99 times, you pay 6435 scrips.

Would you buy 33 of every item you would need to give 8580 scripts:

Armor Range Meele Totally Scrip Cost
Murmrgh's Mystery Pick 65 65 65
99 legendarys 2145 2145 2145 6435
normal scrips price 60 100 100
99 legendarys 1980 3300 3300 8580
50Meele + 50Range 60 100 100
VS 5000 5000 10000
150 legendarys by pick 65 65 65
3250 3250 3250 9750
50Armor + 50weapon 60 100 100 100
VS 3000 5000 8000
150 legendarys by pick 65 65 65
3250 3250 3250 9750



Except you want ONLY armor. Or only one weapon type. If you want only range type weapons you should pick 2* since there have the best effects. I would still pay the 9750 scrips for 150 legendary as 8000 for 100 legendarys the change are high that I get some awesome trade material.

(How /u/VicFantastic said in the comments I haven't even calculated the 40 strips you get from scraping a 3* legendary weapon or 24 from armor. )

/u/Thalenia you're wrong. There are 44 Range weapon + Syringer – Pipe revolver. 43 Meele + Drill. And 35 Armor (7 sets * 5 pieces) so 124 legendarys(Syringer and drill included, Pipe revolver ignored(if I didn't make a mistake)).

So the chances to get the type of legendary are:

Range weapon:

36,290322580 %

Meele weapon:

35,483870967 %


28,225806451 %

Chance for getting a legendary:

98,387096774 %

Chance for getting a ultra 5* legendary drill or syringer:

1,6129032258 %

Now things to think about. The chance are high that bethesda give every item a different chance to drop. They said in the patch notes 9 that they changed the legendary drop chance drom the Crylator. I get more meele light garbage then I got Handmade/Gauss Rifle/Levi's.

And Armors can drop as light, study and heavy. If that added to the 6 sets (except wood) their would be 95 legendary armors. And the chance that a armor piece drop would be 51,6304347 % what sounds somehow right.

So how you said without a dataminer we don't know the anwser. I will do in the next days a better calculation with the 51% for armor too, and if it still a good choice to take the pick

@Bethesda if you read that, give the drill and syringer the recognition which they deserved and rank them up to ultra mega hyper legendary which you get every 1000 years. And add the damm pipe revolver to legendarys.

@everyoneWhoReadToThisPointWhichIsCreazy: Thanks random citizen! If you get a 3* Crossbow/Pipe/Railway Rifle with Bloodied/Two Shot/Instigate/Medics/Anti Armor/Berserker you want to scrap: you can write me I take it with pleasure give you an 3* weapon and caps as thank!


Edit: why I get down voted?

Edit2: wait stop upvoting or bethesda will higher the price for the mystery pick!

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