So with the roadmap coming out a while ago, I decided to write a HUGE list of speculations surrounding the info given, and connect some of it to the datamines. This took me several hours to conjure, so I really hope you enjoy. There might be some stuff that's obvious, but hopefully you get surprised by at-least something. I wrote it all on a google doc, so for the original experience, go here:

Original Google Doc

But for all those who don't want to load a google doc right now, here is all I write transcribed into this Reddit post.


Picture of the Roadmap


Wild Appalachia


Wild Appalachia is going to be first stretch on content coming to Fallout 76, being first introduced in Patch #7, and is going to span in the course of every 1 and sometimes 2 weeks until May 23, which is when the next phase of content, Nuclear Winter, is going to start.


Player Vending


This is very exciting, however something I am noticing that is being skipped over, not mentioned, or not noticed is that fact that regarding this expansion is also the ability to decorate your C.A.M.P. with items from your stash box, AKA anything in the game you bring into your camp, you will be able to decorate the enclosed area with.

“Use items from your stash to decorate your C.A.M.P.”

SPECULATION: The fact they clumped this specifically with Player Vending gives me the notion there might be a possibility to have items on display be for sale, but that’s just me. Regarding the nature of the new camera, it makes sense to me that you would be allowed to print out physical copies of what you take in-game to decorate your camp, and to share your pictures with other players in-game. Also, it could open the door to new challenges and even quests, such as the cut one in Fallout New Vegas where you need to take pictures of several landmarks.


Legendary Vending


Now this is something that is really taking the attention of the entire roadmap, as the ability to scrap legendaries and buy them from a merchant has been requested for a long while.

A few things immediately catch my attention aside from the vending however. The implications for the legendary vendor being a mole man is pretty large on the lore of the game. The background of the Mole Miners has been localized entirely within a loading screen (describing them as miners trapped in their suits), and so any lore behind them has either not been found or not in the game. This of course would be a friendly mole miner, which would put them as a creature that has the capability to be passive and fully conscientious, rather than completely feral. SPECULATION: Instead of the other friendly “alive” merchant, Graham the super mutant, who randomly wanders around the map, I believe the Purveyor will either be found wandering around MINES, or will be in a fixed location. Maybe even Vault 63, the Ash Heap vault, or the vault confirmed not to be involved with Vault raids. I also believe that the Purveyor will be the first in-game source of lore behind the mole-miners. Also unlike the other in-game screenshots, this is only concept art, which probably means nothing but is interesting.


Shear Terror

Shear Terror Easter Egg Map


The Shear Terror DLC will introduce several new quests and monsters to the game, and the actual content coming is already being hinted towards. A few of you may have seen my reddit post talking about an easter egg in the roadmap referencing to all this. Found by this map in the teaser picture, several points of interest or either being pointed to, or have a thumbtack on them. Me and a Twitch stream visited every single one of these locations, and discovered most of them led to places connecting back to cryptids. For instance, Lucky Hole Mine and the Crashed Space Station. The Crash Space Station has a door which is currently inaccessible, and has no lore or content connecting back to it. The Lucky Hole Mine currently holds a sleeping Lovecraftian like cryptid already in game, named the Interloper (Note: On the bottom left hand side of the map, a possible drawing of the Interloper is present). This originally led me to believe Bethesda was hinting at the addition of aliens and the Interloper alike being added in the DLC. To further back this claim, datamined from the files are several references to ranked alien mobs: Alien, Alien Captain, Alien Lieutenant and Alien Star Admiral, which are all progressively difficult.

Finally, a third cryptid which I know for a fact is coming, is the Sheepsquatch, or real life West Virginia’s take on bigfoot. Several things back this up completely, the pun in the DLC name, IE “Shear”, the picture of it in the roadmap introduction, the words “Lost sheep” on the map, and even more things which I talked about in my reddit post about this DLC. Also, this reddit user predicted all of Fallout 76’s events before they happened, and included Sheepsquatch in his list.

April 9’th is going to be Fallout 76’s first REAL DLC, or to the scale Fallout 4’s was. We get Player Vending, Camp Decoration, and Shear Terror all in one day, so it would make sense for BGS to already be teasing it. This is most likely going to be the highlight from the Wild Appalachia campaign.

My Reddit post talking about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/att6gt/large_easter_egg_i_found_in_the_roadmap/


Ever Upwards!


Finally, the last part of the Wild Appalachia DLC campaign in Ever Upwards!, a collection of quests and new features, similar to the April 9’th Shear Terror DLC. Several quests relating to scouting have been datamined, and the current content in-game regarding to scouting seems abruptly cut-off. For instance, a quest relating to the Tomahawk scouts ( But most likely soon to be reformed for Pioneer scouts ) can be found within the files. The quest “Orienteering Fun Run” seems to be a very important quest in this DLC:

run through a series of control points within a time limit. Triggered from a cut terminal (“Welcome, Tomahawk Scout, to the exciting world of Orienteering. Earn your Orienteering Activity Badge by testing your navigation skills in a race for the fastest course completion time! Pick up a Control Card here, quickly find all active Control Points in the course and punch your card at each one. Come back each week for a new course, and a chance to earn a new badge! Disclaimer: Tomahawk Scouts of America is not responsible for loss of life and/or limb due to any dangers faced on the trail including, but not limited to: falling rocks, hunting mishap, bear attack, falling from great heights, mudslides, starvation, or hypothermia. In the event of emergency, please refer to your Tomahawk Scout Handbook. Do you wish to claim your Control Card and begin your course run?”). To Put things into perspective, the mined dialogue from this quest talks about collecting and earning badges from completing the course, which is a talking point in the roadmap description: “Earn merit badges, climb the ranks”


Let’s get dive into what this all means further, as there is a LOT to unpack. From this text alone we know that this quest will involve the player running around a map and finding different “control points”, which will most likely house their own challenge or theme. When a player finishes whatever each CP zone has to offer, they will have a card they received at the beginning of the course punched, and will be free to move onto the next zone. The completion of all the zones will result in the acquisition of a merit badge, which will serve some greater purpose, through a buff or as an item dispenser token. The course seems to timed, and with Bethesda’s past references to a leaderboard, a leaderboard containing times of completion is a possibility. It also seems to be repeatable, and most importantly, constantly changing and evolving weekly, constantly giving players the incentive to earn new badges. This model has already been confirmed to be in use by BGS, through the distilling and recipe learning quests for the March 12 DLC. Speculation: This DLC will take place in the western side of the map across the river, as that entire chunk of land is massive and also currently blocked off from players. The description of this DLC states that it will take place in the “ Deepest reaches of the woods “, so it strikes me as likely. I personally believe that the map will be a large scouting camp, with it being split up into different themes and zones, all serving as different control points for the orientering quest. The control points themselves will most likely range in difficulty, with the gauntlet model Bethesda has taken a liking to in Fallout 76.





Vaults 94 and 96 have already been dissected to hell, but I’ll state the facts just to include them.

Vault 94 was established with a GECK inside, with the purpose being to release the GECK later in time to fix the wasteland. The residents of the vault regularly ventured out, and had a system of democracy. However, through sabotage, a Vault-Tec experiment, or by accident, the GECK exploded while inside the vault, resulting in the creation of the Mire and the strangler vines. A storyline with Raiders seems to be hinted at inside of it, and the democracy system they had in place seems to be a component in a future puzzle. Vault 94 of course is going to be part of high level raids, and this leads to a couple of inferences. The vault raids are going to be very similar to Nuclear Silos, in the way that a keycard will be needed to enter,

This requires a Vault 94 Resident ID Card.
This requires a Vault 94 Maintenance ID Card.rd.”,

and will be a large raid gauntlet that will throw you against multiple high level enemies. However, unlike the silos, it is very likely the enemies within the vault will be exclusive to the vault, and there will almost certainly be a large boss at the end, as how raids work.

Vault 96, set within the bottom of the Savage Divide, was a spore vault containing vast libraries of embryos, spores, and seeds being cryogenically frozen within pods, and a skeleton crew of only 6 people being present. However, due to spores being released by accident and them being contaminated, they quickly mutated into entirely new creatures and attacked the crew of the vault, forcing them out of the main areas into a small section near the entrance. They appeared to have a last stand, but ultimately died. Different surviving robots guard the spores that remain in the pods. Currently, Mirelurks are present inside the vault but are likely a placeholder for the new enemies being added in, which will be the mutated fauna and spores.



Prestige System

Not much to say about this, nothing has been datamined about it, and the concept is pretty simple. Once you reach level 50, I imagine you will be given the option to reset your character, and then be given more powerful perk cards to work with instead of the old ones.



Wastelanders Image – Important

Even though this contains by far the least amount of information compared to the others, it is still a massive talking point when it comes to the roadmap. There is some interesting things to unpack when it comes to the tiny amount of info given, and to me it seems as if BGS is teasing NPCs.

“Embark on a tale with true choice and consequences in Wastelanders – our biggest and most ambitious update for 76. Wastelanders will include a new main questline, new factions, new events, new features and even more surprises.”

First, we can notice the mention of true choice and consequence, which is something that naturally would go hand in hand with NPCs, but it’s a pretty open ended term, as “true choice and consequence” is subjective, and could even be applied to the current state of Fallout 76 with appropriate wording. We also know we are getting new factions and a main quest, which is great but was already done without NPCs in the main game, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that. “The Most Ambitious Update” is very interesting to me, as ambitious would be adding NPCs into multiplayer Fallout, a very difficult task to pull off, and would certainly be the biggest update as it also says. Speaking of wording, the word “Wastelanders” already implies NPCs, and the player characters in 76 are referred to as “Vault Dwellers” throughout the game, so “Wastelanders” implies people not from a vault. Also, it’s a very simple term within the Fallout universe, and the fact they named the biggest update coming to FO76 such a simple word makes me feel as if it packs a big meaning, NPCs. Now, for what’s in the image. We see a palette of three colors, red, yellow, and black. The red and black go well with each other, mixing and creating the backdrop, a Vault slightly ajar, a distant town, a rocky ground. However, the yellow is a perfect contrast against the red and black, and is purposely contrasting against the background to point out the important details. The lights in the town being on, the gold leaking from the vault, the yellow on the vault suit. The lights could mean people living there, the gold from the vault could mean the addition if entirely new vaults, and the vault suit implies we will be there to play and see it all. However, what if I told you the biggest and most convincing piece of evidence is not the attention to something, but the attention to the LACK of something. Throughout Fallout games, player characters has always been represented in the cartoons as somebody wearing a vault suit. This is ESPECIALLY present in the Fallout 76 cartoons. Go look back at the E3 presentation, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the videos presented are always wearing vault suits, even when in combat. Go look back at the Fallout 4 cartoons, the player character is always wearing a vault suit. It is clear whenever somebody is wearing a Vault suit in the Fallout cartoon pictures and videos, they are representing a player character. If you look back at the Wastelanders image, you can clearly see Vault Boy running with somebody NOT WEARING A VAULT SUIT. This may come across as looking too far into things, but it’s not. The color pallete is like that on purpose, the call attention to the contrast between Vault Boy and the ‘Wastelander” not wearing a vault suit. I am fully convinced we will be seeing NPCs of some sort in the Wastelanders update.

Source: Original link


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