Massive test of TSE Heavy + TS Explosive Weapons (wall of text & video links)

fallout 2 - Massive test of TSE Heavy + TS Explosive Weapons (wall of text & video links)

Hello, fellow wastelanders,

I decided to put my TS explosive / heavy weapons collection to a better use and run some tests on Mirelurk Queen. Why? Well she's mean, big, quite resistant, spawns reliably and those guns just don't like sitting in the stash. And maybe some of you want to know how they actually behave, before shelling out hard-earned caps or trading legendaries…

As for the test setup: I run full Heavy Gunner/Demo build with Bloody Mess in a clunky Power Armor, no VATS, no crits, no 3rd PV. All the videos are chem- and adrenaline-free. I decided to use (mostly) TSE versions, as they synergize very well with Demo and are still highly sought after while being more readily obtainable than, say, AAEs or FEs. Also armor penetration sadly doesn't seem to work on energy weapons. All of the recorded guns have highest possible levels, subjectively best mods, repaired above 100%, non-primed (except LMG). Most of them are 3*, some are 3* TSEs and Broadsider/Auto Launcher are 1* TSs. Provided notes are based both on vids and longtime experience with said guns.

There's also a bonus music recommendation for every weapon, mostly metal, because why not and what else?

Full disclosure: All of those weapons were obviously bought or traded for; the best thing RNGod has ever bestowed upon me was lvl 20 nocturnal explosive shotgun from a legendary ant. They are not for sale nor trade. Some of the TSEs were loaned to me by my pal and distinguished collector
Murko svk - Massive test of TSE Heavy + TS Explosive Weapons (wall of text & video links)

Murko – do check out his awesome Armory!

TSE Gatling: https://youtu.be/Wt-iTzwCcGA

Boom boom boom! Heartily approved by Sam Peckinpah. Venerable, clunky, booming, extremely ammo-efficient, very accurate (especially in AAE/FE/VE versions, but no thanks to that awful sight), not that strong though – got a little help from a sentry bot in the video… Still, great weapon to crank, especially for Scorched, Muties, Ghouls and other abundant headshottable enemies. I personally and heavily use Vam Explo G; damn workhorse that one and easy on maintenance, even if it does have longer TTK than most of my arsenal.

Play: Iron Maiden – The Trooper

TSE Minigun: https://youtu.be/AbIe10rDbhY

Feeling like a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus yet? The very definition of a heavy weapon, TSE minigun is great to use and listen to, though not particularly OP. Can be purchased/traded cheaper than the other guns from this list. Also eats ammo like there's no tomorrow, which is somewhat mitigated by tri-barrel, but where's the fun in that? 5mm is pretty much everywhere. FE/AAE version is preferable thanks to much tighter accuracy and longer reach, but TSEs are more plentiful. Side note: Vampire MG with shredder, +bashing and empty mag is crazy. Only lasts around 10 second, but still.

Play: Gojira – The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe

TSE LMG: https://youtu.be/W5VFbJ-hvSs

After recent buff the infamous Hiltler's Buzzsaw / MG42 in TSE version destroys pretty much everything, with the highest burst DPS of all heavy weapons and no spinning lag. The one in video is primed, so as to allow for 4x ammo crafting, but it still does require one fluorescent flux for every approx. 100 bullets (when considering all the available perks). Great for Scorchbeasts, Mirelurk Kings, Sentry Bots, Assaultrons and various other tough underbosses. Not great for bullet spongy SBQueens and Sheepsquatches or basic mooks. Shame about lacking mods. If you have means to feed it, it will truly sing for you – kills landed SBs in two seconds. You don't really need that damage output in current F76 PvE, but it sure as hell feels nice…

Play: Born Of Osiris – M∆chine

TSE Flamer: https://youtu.be/Uif8J3LPWl8

Hell on earth. Absolutely bonkers legacy weapon, behaves like a silenced fiery TSE machine gun. Allows for some very nice upgrades, rips everything apart including robots, mutants, cloaked enemy players and itself. Such a contrast to regular flamer, which plainly sucks. Requires frequent repairs; uses very, very precious fuel, which due to possible erring on dev's side is basically unusable to craft in bulk. However, there's a certain way to dismantle flamer traps ad nauseam and get some of it… Still not very sustainable, but more than makes up for it during those sweet, short moments of fiery fun.

Play: Rammstein – Rammstein

TSE Cryolator: https://youtu.be/0gdOWjiQ4VY

Very quirky weapon. Averagely powerful in TSE version, has an added benefit of debuffing and chilling players, SBQ and SS… Would benefit greatly from a larger, at least twice as large magazine, as it burns through those 25 cells in few seconds. Ammo is a nuisance – expensive to make, expensive to buy and quite scarce, so be prepared to hunt for deals on cryo cells and stock up regularly. Quite finicky to obtain on market; doesn't pop up that often for sale/trade.

Play: Ihsahn – My Heart Is Of The North

TSE 50.cal:

Decent. In many aspects it's an above average weapon, mainly in terms of damage, accuracy, ammo consumption… The lack of modding options and meh sound let it kinda down, at least for me. I get the appeal, though. TSEs are still quite plentiful on market, remnants of the Great Fallout Duping. As a side note, I have tried AAE and VE exemplars; didn't find much of a difference, save for obvious Vampire's utility.


Play: Meshuggah – Bleed

TS Fatboy: https://youtu.be/gDZ5VGhD5zU

I actually had a MIRV on it, which sadly doesn't really work, as the multiple nukes will detonate in-air and most of the time kill you. Hilarious, but not that efficient. Plain two shot version (with 10% ads dmg) is much more reliable to both aim and shoot. Look for enemy congregations to maximize ammo efficiency. Nuclear mushrooms are such a treat for sore eyes and ears; can't get more Fallout-y nor literal fallout that that. If only those nukes weren't so damn heavy and quite expensive to make…

Play: Cream – Tales of Brave Ulysses

TSE Laser Gatling: https://youtu.be/Aae0AU86OkQ

Final Judgment on steroids. Very accurate, plentiful ammo (*coughs WS Sentry Bots + Power User), looks superb with that military retro/futuro aesthetics, screams like a banshee and leaves only purple cinders. I love it. Degrades quite rapidly though and got some quirky bugs, which only seem to multiply after every new patch. Currently one of the most sought-after items on market, so… not cheap. Well worth the price, if you like to roleplay Maxson, though.

Play: Judas Priest – Hellion / Electric Eye

TSE Plasma Gatling: https://youtu.be/gc9PFZU1Fg4

From a joke weapon type to the ultimate annihilator… Not a bad career path. Any legacy explosive PG with splitter is a god-tier item, having one of the highest sustained DPS of all weapons. Ammo is relatively plentiful and easy to prime. TSE is pure carpet bombing machine, taken to full potential when jumping/flying above with PA – be careful with close encounters, as can it vaporize its owner in a second – but it's laughably inaccurate. Most of the time it hardly matters, though… I still do prefer FE/VE version for superior accuracy and possibly slower degradation rate. Best used primed for SBQ or basically anything, when you just want to lay waste and feel like a mecha, PvP included – just be wary of that 2 sec winding-up lag and some annoying bugs. And good luck with trading for it.

Play: Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer

QE Harpoon: https://youtu.be/B_cJmCc1RZo

It's a shotty, it's a sniper, it's an infinite source of ammo! Compared to TSE version, which is only a bit stronger, flechetted Quad Explosive Harpoon will take almost everything down in one magazine and then present you with more harpoons on carcass than were actually shot. Also great sound and feel; one of my all-time favorites, as should be for all the aspiring whalers out there.

Play: Mastodon – I Am Ahab

TS Missile Launcher: https://youtu.be/8_qNZONduJs

This one surprised me a bit; quad mag with tracking and 10% ads dmg seems to work pretty ok. Which means that it gets the job done, albeit at high ammo cost. But man, this weapon definitely makes a dent to your carrying capacity. And missiles ain't featherweight nor cheap to make, either… For a such theoretically potent WoMD, the damage and splash radius should be much larger. Considering that in almost every other game this is one-shot kill weapon, F76 doesn't really treat it that well.

Play: Star One – Set Your Controls

TS Automatic Grenade Launcher: https://youtu.be/xcK9lsSn93M

What can I say? It is somewhat ok-ish against bosses with high dmg protection, but does use a lot of ammo doing that. Tried AA, +25% firerate version, wasn't really that good, either. Fares much better against unprotected enemies; it is especially engaging while farming all those soft ghoulies at WS or regular Scorched, but what isn't then? Also don't even bother with M79 (except some crazy godly 3* I guess) – while ok on lower levels, it just doesn't cut it higher up. Quite a difference from, say, Far Cry, where such grenade launcher solves basically any problem…

Play: Tenacious D – Master Exploder

TS Broadsider: https://youtu.be/In93zG_7eYM

Well. Is "portable naval cannon", truly unique weapon, meant to be laughed at? Damage is not that horrible, if you manage to hit your target, that is; TS helps a lot with that. Every other legendary version sucks, as in cant-kill-radroach sucks. VATS doesn't work, ammo is a pain to craft and multishot canister is a must. Quite underwhelming, considering what it could have been achieved. Eplosive trait is afaik unobtainable (but it weirdly shows up in hit animation), though it would benefit it greatly – just look at what real life grapeshot does. Or just imagine all those possible cosmetics… A man can dream though. A man can dream… Do have a nice song to feed that imagination.

Play: Týr – The Edge

Conclusion/TLDR: Explosive Heavy Guns are pretty awesome in general, with legacy energy explosive weapons taking it to the next level. I'd rather not comment on their current market prices given prevalent duping few months ago, but you are getting what you're paying for. They can be PvP viable due to their sheer damage output, but any bloodied/crit build will tear your PA like a wet paper. All in all, great stuff. Now if only game wasn't so stingy with some of the specialized ammo and/or had lowered requirements for explosive ammo crafting and carrying, so as to make them more viable…

Thanks for the reading, do leave comments and happy hunting in wastelands and market!

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