Master List of Quality of Life Requests for the Live Team. (Version 4.0, Dec 11, 2018)

fallout 8 - Master List of Quality of Life Requests for the Live Team. (Version 4.0, Dec 11, 2018)

Master list of quality of life improvements requested. I continue to keep this list updated as people add to it. This is version 4.0 thank you to everyone that has contributed to this list so far.

Quality of life meaning, things that aren't necessarily bugs but would be nice to have for enjoyment of playing the game.

Items are loosely organized but listed in no particular order.


  • Sight Pictures on scopes and sights are very difficult to see, or in the case of the chameleon perk absolutely impossible. Colors of the cross-hairs could be changed to red to make the 'black' stand out a bit more, and even a single glow dot in chameleon mode would be a major improvement.

  • Have perception increase range damage like strength increases melee damage.

  • VATS shouldn't target friendlies if you have pacifist mode on.

  • Corpses should appear on the compass wheel for 2 minutes after death, frustrating to kill something and not be able to find the corpse.

  • End Game should not force you into power armor, make the hazmat suit fit OVER or UNDER everything so you can wear it on top (or under) literally everything else. Some of us don't want to be in power armor and have designed our perks as such.

  • Scorchbeasts are really annoying, as someone stated in a post, unavoidable attacks, even if you're inside a building (the beast just sprays the poison cloud which isn't affected by walls or roofs apparently). It also destroys armor super quickly.

  • Reloading of certain weapons (blackpowder rifle and lever action rifle) both need a long hard look.

  • New Weapon Class Shields… some of us really, really, like shields.


  • Player Vendors a robotic vendor to facilitate and simplify selling to players, even if you institute a 20% 'vendor cut' as a cap sink, we really need this. Have it be at our camps and marked on the map as active. Here is a good post that outlines this a bit, https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a1j0wg/camp_trading_posts/

  • Stash, refined junk (once it is in its most basic form) should weigh NOTHING once it is in the stash box/CAMP. If you want to tie this to the creation of a 'junk pile' on the property or something that can't be moved when the camp is moved that is fine and would make sense, but the severe limitation of just pure 'junk' raw materials is stifling.

  • Display Shelves and weapon hooks on walls for deco and storage.

  • Power Armor workbench should allow you to display a set of power armor (like in F4)

  • CAMP refrigeration as seen on this post, https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/9xbp6v/functioning_refrigerators/ the ability to power a refrigerator and have it keep food unspoiled.

  • Collections The ability to display and collect the various collectibles. The Teddy bears come to mind. Maybe a display shelf with 'hooks' that as you add items to the container it auto displays that item? Some of us collect odd things, so it would be best to leave the item 'type' up to the individual player, so if I want 6 shelves with tri-fold American flags, or 6 shelves of baby rattles I can do that.

  • Various building upgrades, most notably indoor staircases and organization of the menus. Possibly a 'show only available' option for less scrolling through an archive of plans that haven't been obtained. (This is in the latest patch notes! hurray!)

  • Turrets built should scale to your level. A level 4 turret or level 15 turret is useless as defense against a 68 group. Turrets SHOULD not take up an absurd amount of space. This is why building near the whitesprings is very meta because of these two points.


  • A way to dispose of (sell) 'extra' plans, mods, and workbench recipes.

  • A way for Plans, Mods and workbench recipes to highlight differently if they have already been read/learned.

  • Dismantling of mods should give you a chance at learning that mod.

  • Ballistic Fiber either needs to be more plentiful, or needed less for Armor repairs.

  • Legendary Scrapping (Producing materials to craft other legendary with random perks), make this a perk for crafters. Or, give legendaries some sort of bonus for being scrapped, increase learn chance for the schematic or something?

  • Ammo Need a way to dismantle, sell or otherwise store excess ammo grenades, missiles, etc.

  • Change the cost of repair for armor. It's cheaper to craft from scratch.

  • Repairs the entire repair system is way off balance, it is WAY too expensive and not advantageous to repair gear right now.

  • Mods SHOULD NOT be consumed when crafting if you run out of x mat. This can be a huge cause of frustration for players losing their powerful mods.

  • Adhesive/Screws is ridiculous, EVERYTHING you do shouldn't require them, it's lazy to make it so. For example, I shouldn't need 3 rolls of duct tape to make a scope, but I would probably burn through a lot of glass and aluminum instead. Also, if I can make a night-vision scope out of copper, glass and steel. I should be able to make a handful of screws out of steel.

  • Plans display a picture of the furniture/weapon/armor piece/recipe they are part of when inspected as well as if they are known already or not.

  • Stash size still needs to be larger, OR make certain items weigh nothing, Junk in its raw component form, Atomic Shop items, clothing, etc.

  • Ability to combine fusion cores please.

  • Plans should be account based Blueprints for the camp, and possibly crafting stations should be account wide much like the Atomic Shop items are. Please.


  • Cap hoarding by the bots needs to be stopped and the ratio changed. If I buy 500 caps worth of items from the vendor, his inventory now only shows 10% of those caps free to sell things to him. Caps are supposed to be a medium of exchange, there is no exchange with that ratio. Your 'cap sink' is WAY too high right now.

  • Trade The ability to trade with the vendor bots, rather than forcing people into caps back and forth. If I have 12 Gatling Lasers to trade, the vendor bot should be smart enough to realize that he should trade me those 12 for the 'large tent' plans, as an example.

  • Ability to fast travel to train stations with a reduced cost of travel.

  • Player to Player Trade system is very, very wonky and needs to be redone, not intuitive at all and difficult to use.


  • Clothing, right now there is a variety of clothing that goes both over, and under armor which is good. But there is also several pieces of clothing (Hooded rags as an example) that do neither and replace armor worn. Lets please fix those clothing items so that they either go over, or under worn armor. Layering of hoods and other partial clothing items should also not remove others that are not part of that slot, for example green hood (removes collar and glasses).

  • Save custom character faces You finally made the best face you could ever create and want all your alts to have it ? Well now you can by Simply saving it then load it whenever you enter the appearance change menu. (see DKS3 or Bloodborne for an example of what it could look like) It would also be neat to be able to sell/trade these with other players, maybe a picture of the face on a folder or something?

  • Change Login Cards Need the ability to change the card with our character in the character select screen, my guy in beta has a ??? instead of a face, and the pictures on some others are horrible because I accidentally exited out of the photomode in the vault.

  • The addition of titles for our vault dwellers. Earned from factions to represent your faction as well as achievements in the game. Like killing the queen could reward you with (player name) Scorch Slayer.


  • Items purchased from the Atomic Shop should NEVER take up any space or weight at all, (or possibly just in the STASH) it should be a benefit of the Atomic Shop items, that they take up no weight.

  • On Sale! Each week you randomly have 1 to 3 items 33% off. This encourages people to want to buy items on sale and spend more to grab items they might not normally get because of the sale.

  • Show both Male and Female models in the outfit, or provide a Preview with your present character selected.

  • Atom shop items that replace the paper bag you drop. That way your death bag and dropped its bag can be customized to your liking. Good for both sides. Maybe i want a lunchbox like in FO4 or maybe a treasure chest look for my pirate theme arrr!

  • Atom Shop Gifting, say i wanted to gift my brother some items i am currently unable to do this. It would be nice to be able to gift a player an item or atoms to buy said item.


  • Keys should not stack and should overwrite each other so that there is only ever one of that type in the inventory.

  • Have power armor grab the fusion core with the lowest charge in your inventory instead of the highest when it replenishes itself.

  • Naming and Organization Need the ability to rename certain items, especially power armor frames for the sake of organization. Being able to rename armor/weapons as well, even if the name is only client side would be nice.

  • favorites any item marked a favorite should not be able to be scrapped, or sold, or traded unless it is removed from favorites. A toggle for 'do not scrap' items would be nice as well.

  • Sort by newest or unread option for Holo/notes, or all item types.

  • Account mail box ability to store a small number of items in an account box that can be accessed by any character on that account. Tie it to Redrocket or something?

8./ PERKS & UI

  • Passive Perks Happy camper should be base line not perk. While we are on the subject its super annoying to keep swapping perks off like hacker. Some perks should be passives so we dont have to keep changing them every single lock or hack etc.

  • Scrapper Perk needs to add rare mats: Screws, Springs, Gears

  • Perk interface feels clumsy as well, with limited information. Being able to see your special levels and current perk cards while choosing new perks would be great.

  • Perks loadout/Perk Card Decks the ability to save perks settings and switch between them without doing individual cards. ie: solo loadout, group load out, healer load out, sniper load out, etc. User determined perk loadouts.

  • When I go to slot something on the favorite wheel and it opens the inventory list, I would love to be able to scroll down by holding down on the d-pad. Right now if I want to get to my food stuff I have to tap down on the d-pad like 20 times.

  • Animation actions should be able to be canceled, sitting and reloading a LONG reload weapon (blackpowder rifle) for example.

  • Text Messaging system for PC (consoles have this), not everyone has or wants a mic, the ability to send short messages Pipboy to Pipboy would be beneficial.

  • Current players in session list Similar to how the social tab works a new tab named "session" display the players in the current world you're in and let you scroll between each of them displaying where they are on the map. I don't want this for PVP purposes. The reason i want it is i often receive random party invites when im on my own in a remote location or without anyone near me, and the list would help me to see who is inviting me and from where faster.

  • In game bug reporting system we need this, the ability to write up a 500 character bug report and submit it directly to bethesda to be looked at.

  • UI scalling and recolor. Let us move and resize the each UI elements of the screen separately (this is important) like the quest log, group members list, HP/AP etc however we see fit. (except power armor UI since in that case the aesthetic makes sense). Also the abilty to change the color of said elements as well as the pipboy menu itself both projection mode and not. (this was in FO4)

  • Character names should be shown, not gamer tags or screen names.

  • Condition of weapons displayed at all times (or toggle option) I'd really like to have the condition bar displayed somewhere on screen as long as this weapon is drawn. Possibly tied to the current ammo display on reloading?

  • Make the H.U.D. of the power armor as transparent as it was in FO4, power armor UI could be improved as well, it feels clumsy.

  • PIPBOY Categories we need more of them, divide 'aid' into food/water, and narcotics for a start.


  • Hunger and Thirst tone these down by 40 to 50%, it is WAY too high right now. I shouldnt have to drink 5 bottles of water after playing for an hour. Also reduce spoilage by at least the same amount, If I make 4 deathclaw steaks when I log in, they shouldnt be bad after a 3 hour play session.

  • Content for levels 25 to 35 is said to be lacking, look at this area of the leveling area and make strength of mobs consistent based on level.

  • Loot bonuses +5% legendary drop or something, for encouraging group play, its the only way some of us will step away from soloing.

  • Champion Levels or something similar, after level 100. Giving a reason to 'keep going' rather than an endless number increase and perk card duplication. (+1 special for every 10 champion levels? Capped to 5 or so?) More discussion on this thread, https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a4b8as/ever_increasing_levels_and_the_issue_for_future/

  • Rejoin last server upon disconnect (10 min timer?)

  • Companion Animals This is far down the road, but a lot of us miss Dogmeat.

  • LFG Tool We need a Looking For Group tool of some sort.

  • Weather Snow at Christmas time.

10./ Radio Stations

  • We need more radio stations, and a couple DJs. Maybe change to a new DJ every month? I bet you could have community members contribute to this. 12 a year, you don't have to pay some famous voice actor $$$, hell, I would drive down to Austin and do it myself for an autographed Fallout 76 Litho.

  • Remove the Beach Boys song "Wouldn't it be nice" from the radio station. (Or replace it with Sloop John B, which has a much more Fallout feel to it.)

  • Add Johnny Cash "Man in Black" to the play list.

  • Add Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan's "Girl From the North Country" to the list.

  • Remove Bubbles in My Beer by Bob Wills. The voice over 'hype man' makes me want to break my television.

  • Add a Blues station for the local music WV is famous for. Maybe showcase small and local artists? I bet MANY of them would jump at the chance.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

Will update this post.

Edited and updated as of the morning of 12/11/2018

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