Maybe we’re the monsters.

fallout 7 - Maybe we're the monsters.

I've got a theory.

Maybe we, the Vault dwellers, are the true monsters of Fallout 76. My theory goes that Vault 76 was either not a control vault, as we've been lead to believe, or that we've all been inadvertently contaminated. In either scenario the culprit is Hallucinigen gas.

Nothing adds up:

The signs start as soon as you wake up, with no memory of past events in a vacant vault. As you exit you see the vault is rather trashed, this is explained as some kind of wild "party" in any case this all seems abit fishy. One might think "But the mister handys are all set up to send u on your way." And I explain this as an automated response to the vault doors opening on a timer or possibly when the mysterious Overseer left the vault. Which brings me to my next point, none of us have any memory of actually meeting, knowing, or even really seeing this "Overseer." This causes me to lean towards a perposful experiment where this ambiguous character is actually the lead scientist, who's leading us through the typically convoluted vault tec experiment. Another clue is the large amount of both ruptured and unruptured Hallucigen gas canisters scattered across Apalachia. The other big sign is the giant bats, I think this requires little explanation, but, don't you think somewhere along the line in the previous games, set in the future comparitavly, we'de of heard of giant mutant bats terrorizing that place north of the Commonwealth? But alas you don't, you do however hear about vault dwellers emerging and going berserk on thier surroundings, which brings me to the next point.

The way we play:


Most people will start out as timid, if not fully antisocial scavengers who just try to scrape by, but in not too long they end up transforming into a fully fledged psychopath. This is inicated by most players generally evolving to a point where all they do is smash hordes of enemies or shoot nukes at random parts of the place they live, with the motivation of killing even more things. The fact that we're all mental is further supported by some players' fashion choices, I think we all know what I'm talking about, Mascot heads, bright colored nonsense, outrageouse clothing combos, the list goes on. And we're seemingly the only faction of any of the humanoids running around the wasteland that regularly kill our own kind.

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Why we're monsters:

Besides the habitual internal murdering I just mentioned, we may be killing innocent, or atleast normal people. What we know about Halucigen gas from Fallout 4 is that it causes varied degrees of insanity, usually involving extreme hallucinations. This explains the giant bats, we're just having a standard Fear and Loathing bad trip you might think. But unfortunatly the trip is much darker my friends, because we may be undergoing a constant "Hist sap" like effect, causing as to see all non-76 humans as the scorched. This explains the scorched's strangely nightmarish yet biologically hard to explain appearance (Glowing green crystals growing out of them. ) And they only attack us on sight because that's what you do to people who genuinely seem to be trying to wipe out all life in the immediate area.

So in conclusion:

-We're all suffering the effects of Halucigen gas. -Giant bats don't exist. -We may be part of a Vault-tec experiment. -We're all dillusional mass murderers.

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