Mechanics test: Furious weapon affix

fallout 6 - Mechanics test: Furious weapon affix


Another mechanics test, this time on the Furious legendary weapon affix.

Test method:
I used a Furious Pipe Rifle. Modded for damage and clip capacity, but not for armor penetration (to make calculations easier). I set up a perk page with no armor penetration, and no modifiers that change conditionally (avoiding tenderizer, adrenaline and the like).
I then went to the Behemoth south of Solomon's Pond (he's starting hate these tests…). Got him aggrod, crippled the legs with shotgun+enforcer. And then I recorded as I shot him over and over with the furious gun. After that, I slowed down the video and noted the hp numbers after every shot (using the ShowHealth mod). I did several tests, and tried taking breaks between shots with different lengths.

Weapon damage = 59
Behemoth damage reduction, according to Awareness = 160

For every test, damage for the first shot was 20, increasing to 34 on the 11th shot. This was consistent; looks like you get one stack per shot, maxing at 10 shots (so shot #11 is the first to get the full bonus). Now, with the way armor works in the game, increasing damage per shot also decreases the value of enemy armor. So calculations aren't as simple as looking at the % increase in damage to health.

I tried plotting the numbers into a table. The table includes:
Shot number. Calculated damage to hp at a 4% damage increase per stack. Calculated damage to hp at a 5% damage increase per stack. And finally the actual damage to hp for the test.

Shot # Calc 4% Calc 5% Test dmg
1 20,49 20,49 20
2 21,62 21,90 21
3 22,76 23,34 22
4 23,92 24,80 23
5 25,09 26,28 25
6 26,28 27,80 26
7 27,49 29,31 29
8 28,70 30,87 30
9 29,93 32,44 31
10 31,18 34,03 32
11+ 32,44 35,64 34

Low numbers means rounding can have an easy impact. But it looks like Furoius adds 5% damage per shot, stacking up to 50% on the 10th shot. As with every other damage increase in the game, this effectively becomes more than a 50% increase in damage to health, since higher damage numbers pierce through armor easier.
I'll keep an eye out for a Furoius weapon with higher damage per shot, and see if that can give more accurate results.

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Other things for Furoius to be tested:
– How fast stacks drop off (looks like it resets after 10 seconds, but turns out I'm bad at counting seconds, so I have to redo that part).
– If you lose all stacks by missing a shot.
– If you lose all stacks by shooting another target.

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