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I have been playing Fallout 76 since the Beta and I have had the idea to make builds based off of fantasy RPG class tropes. I've been tinkering with this idea for a long time and when Nukes & Dragons came out I've been making these builds and slowly tinkering them. I just wanted to make these to make playing Fallout 76 a new experience (especially when we had a lack of content.) I wanted to also make these open for role-playing (before we had that too.) These are all Medieval Fantasy Classes that you can use and enjoy in Fallout 76! Also the addition of the Bow has really changed the setups! Since Fallout 76's launch I had wanted Bows to add to my concepts and now it's a reality, so below you will find these builds along with a description and optional role-playing choices.

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Medieval Alchemist – You will use Bows with Poison Arrows, A Syringer, and crafted Explosives. Which your affinity for making drugs is useful.. if you didn't always get high on your own supply. Does not wear Power-Armor. Your drugs are so powerful that even your teammates get a contact high and can heal!

Medieval Druid – You will use a Bow and occasionally a Scythe/Sickle. You will only wear Wood or Leather Armor. You don't like to hurt your animal compatriots, but if they attack you first, you'll raise all hell! You refuse to eat meat, but it doesn't help that you're mutated to not be able to digest it. Most people assume you want the world to be reclaimed by the Old-World's Nature, but in reality you thrive in the Wasteland, radiation is your Friend!

Medieval Barbarian – You will use Axes, preferably Grognak's Axe. You will only wear Leather Armor or at least Leather Legs and Metal Braces. You don't like the constriction of Chest Armor so you refuse to wear it. You have high resistance and easily kick ass, but only when you're drunk as hell! So load up on crappy beer… hard liquor works fine too though.


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Medieval Assassin – As an assassin you specialize in Stealth. Your weapon specialties are Bows, Crossbows, and Daggers. You prefer to wear lighter armor such as Leather, but you're willing to wear heavier armors. You're not very complicated, you sneak around, impale people with arrows or daggers, and just have an all around good time.

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Medieval Knight – You have sworn your life to striking your foes down with the clean swipe of a sword, the type of sword isn't relevant to you. You only wear armors made of metals and the Enchanted Armor you have discovered throughout the land, known by the locals as "Power-Armor". You can take a hit in your layers of metallic armor, but you hit back even harder.

Medieval Paladin – You clad yourself in layers of armor so that you can guard all of your fellow Adventurers. You carry around a trusty hammer to smash in the heads of the evil creatures roaming this land. You choose to use Power Armor so that you can be the shield for your compatriots.

All of those descriptions are goofy as hell, but I put a lot more effort into the builds themselves. These are of course just guidelines, you don't have to follow them, but please check out the builds and tell me what y'all think of them or how they could be improved, also feel free to comment ideas for more builds! I'm still working on a few, such as my favorite, The Bard!

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