Meg: Bad Raider, Good Leader

fallout 3 - Meg: Bad Raider, Good Leader

When compared to the leaders of the Nuka World Raiders, Meg Groberg certainly seems to be the weakest of the Raider leaders in the East Coast. She does not have Nisha's sadism, Mason's animal brutality, or Maggy Black's criminal savvy. That being said, it is important to remember that Fallout 76 takes place prior to previous Fallout games.

Apart from children, like Ra Ra, all the characters are Pre-War Americans. Things like ghouls, Super Mutants, Deathclaws, and the multitude of other horrors in the Wasteland, are all still very unique to these people. They can still recall a time before the bombs fell, and they were thrust into this perilous new world. So, it is not unreasonable that the people of Crater do not act like typical Raiders, or that Meg would not be the kind of brutal amoral leader typical of Fallout games. She was once a Pre-War American, probably living an ordinary life. It was only when the bombs fell that she and many others were forced to become Raiders.

With that in mind, I would argue that Meg, while not a great Raider, is an effective leader. As we learn in the game, it was Meg who convinced her fellow Diehards to abandon the other Raider gangs and escape the Scorched Plague. It was also she who led the survivors back to Appalachia. She has managed to keep order in the Crater, and even enforce a code of ethics among her crew.

As Lucky Lou tells us, the people of Crater are not ruthless killers, like the Blood Eagles. They have shown mercy to others, and even invite them to join their crew. They even allow the Blue Ridge Caravan to travel and trade unmolested through their territory. The Blood Eagles, on the other hand, enslave people through chem addiction, and spread misery across Appalachia. The Crater group is openly opposed to the Blood Eagles and this sentiment is expressed by Meg. She does not want her crew to become like the Blood Eagles, and is prepared to take down anyone who would lead her crew down that path.


That is why we see farmland in Crater. That is also why we see the Raiders running a fishery and selling Mirelurk meat. Meg's goal is the same as Paige. She wants to reclaim and settle Appalachia. Unlike Paige, however, she wants to not only resettle Appalachia, but also guarantee her people's survival. We recall that Meg empathized with her former leader Margie, but was still very critical of her pacifist policies. Meg is a Diehard, and continues to be a Raider with strong principles. However, her principles are more pragmatic then Margie. She will kill and steal if it means the survival of her crew. But she will also offer sanctuary to others, so long as they contribute to the crew.

This has caused some, like Lev, Fisher, and Surge, to condemn Meg as being weak. They sought to undermine Meg and overthrow her. But Meg had the confidence and loyalty of the majority of Crater. They were only able to betray Meg because they made a deal with Rocco, a former Foundation Settler, who supplied them with weapons and munitions he stole from Foundation, and only because he wanted to stop Meg from breaking into Vault 79.

This all proves to me that Meg is an effective and capable leader. She has the loyalty of her fellow Raiders, and has focused her attention on consolidating her position in Appalachia. She is focused on recruitment and building strength, bringing in undesirables and raiding resources and supplies, while also building sustainable avenues for supplying Crater. All of this tells me that Meg is taking the long view, building and settling Appalachia, but with the moral flexibility that may be necessary to survive in a pitiless post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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