Message to Bethesda Concerning Mods, Camps, and Monetization

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Message to Bethesda Concerning Mods, Camps, and Monetization

I loved building in this game for awhile, and fought against a lot of the BS people spread about it. But I think I'm done being the fellow trying to shine a light on the good sides of 76.

IMO, Bethesda is clearly treating builders as money bags at this point, and I think it's also pretty clear that they don't have their A team on this game, and they talk a lot more than they do. Promises promises.

Concerning camps almost two years later: poor QOL, poor budget, poor base game assets that get virtually no updates, barely any communication (and that is largely just flakey promises that don't come to fruition). Just pumping more stuff to buy on their shop like it's a Toys R Us… except you don't actually own the things you buy and can't resell them. The season grind is fine for folks who like a lot of the stuff, but as a builder you're dumping an ungodly amount of time into that repetitive track just to get a couple of new things to build with. Otherwise you have to go to the store and spend that money. Also, seeing that cinder block wallpaper today really made me facepalm. It should have been its own structural set, but you're going to take the lazy route and just wallpaper over and over I guess.

It's great if folks are still having fun with camps, but I am incredibly wary of Bethesda at this point. I spent a few hundred dollars on this game and it feels like that was just the beginning and I'm gonna have to keep paying until the cows come home. No thank you. I'm fine supporting a game's development, but I'm not fine with what is asked and given here. It is not a fair exchange, it is actually one of the worst value prospectives I've seen from an online game in the last 10 years.

I hope for the best, for the sake of the players, but I am now almost completely convinced that this game really is about fueling Bethesda's accounts. It's not that it's bad, it's just a cynical dip into our pockets. Down with the GaS model, it's just as bad as loot boxes.


Bethesda: You want me to pay more money just because this game is multiplayer. You have cynically decided that a Fallout game with friends and strangers is going to get us paying more. You don't give a crap about the beauty of the social side– you have proved that with your lackluster updates to social features (not the least of which is the continuing absence of text chat).

I think you failed with monetizing mods in the past, then realized you don't have to. You just have to exclude them entirely and put price tags on the stuff we enjoyed 'for free' as part of FO4/from the modding community.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt for a long time. Criticized and praised regularly to try to improve the game, called out BS from other gamers, supported the game with money, supported it with patience. But the way you monetize, the way you fail to follow up on so many things, the way you seem to use your inexperienced devs for this project, which as the first MP Fallout game should have been a major and proud part of your library, the way you ignore problems… I'm not gonna do it anymore.

I'm tired of waiting for Tuesday to see if there's anything interesting. I'm tired of knowing that my enjoyment of the game, now and for the long foreseeable future, is dependent on my wallet.

If you had any dignity or respect for players you would be all hands on deck for mods and scaling back the monetization, to ensure 76 would be a truly great game for awhile to come, just like FO4. But you don't do that, so I don't think you really respect us.

That's all from me, have fun folks.

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