Minutemen are the only faction that will truly benefit the Commonwealth and post-war America.

fallout 1 - Minutemen are the only faction that will truly benefit the Commonwealth and post-war America.

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I've been thinking about this for awhile, but the minutemen are truly the best faction. If not for their morals and what they represent then it's for the fact of the size and the vast majority of civilized people live in the settlements in the endgame.

As the sole survivor you mainly recruit settlements by doing quest for them in the name of the minutemen or by clearing the place and they ally not just you but the faction. Each settlement can potentially hold around 20 settlers and there are 29 settlements which mean you can have up 580 settlers in your game. At that point there are more settlers in your settlements the the rest of the Commonwealth. And you're in charge of everyone of them and the minutemen are in charge of their protection that's why they always ask for help from the minutemen.

At that point you essentially have a somewhat military dictatorship of basically all the Commonwealth. Although settlements run themselves you still have final say in people and resources and how it looks. You have a military that went from two guys to dozens, a large scale communication system you have the makings to make a new post war american government in the Commonwealth. Yes siding with other factions let you still be general of the minutemen and let's you keep your settlements but there are flaws in all the other faction post final quest.

The BoS will most likely pillage and steal all the Commonwealth tech then leave after a couple years and only leave a small garrison if we're being honest.

The railroad are idealistic hippies that won't be able to aid anyone once they freed synths because their faction is the smallest and you can't really recruit on their ideology if you blew up the thing their fighting against ( The institute)


And lastly, The institute although you become director it's still a bureaucracy and each head runs their department how they see fit with only input from you so them aiding the Commonwealth could take years to decades.

The minutemen has the best ending for the good of the Commonwealth. You destroy the Boogeyman of the Commonwealth and you destroy foreign invaders from DC.

My final point: the real world. If you were to scale the world properly to be a 1:1 size then you'd have to scale the resources and people although it's the Commonwealth of new England it seems the game primarily takes place in massachusetts which currently has 6.9 million pops at the time of 2077 it would theoretically have been more but let's say it's that. If only 1% survives the bomb and aftermath that's 69 thousand but more likely more would survive. For a time population will decline slowly and it may take awhile for births to outweigh deaths assuming this is the case and 200 years later there is at least 10s of thousand people left ( A generous assumption. ) And you have a vast majority of the ones who aren't raiders or gunners in your settlements it wouldn't take long for you to wipe out mutants, ferals, raiders, gunners. Expand your Commonwealth to the rest of the north east USA get more people get more minutemen.

Tldr: Minutemen good for future of america everyone else bad

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