Mirelurk Queens are disappointing. Here’s how I would fix them.

fallout 8 - Mirelurk Queens are disappointing. Here's how I would fix them.

So if you ask me, these things are just utterly underwhelming glorified bullet sponges. They have several issues: Their add-spawning attack only happens maybe once in a fight and they're totally worthless as adds. Their spitting attack can be countered easily with stimpaks or crippling their jaws, and is mostly undodgeable if you're in range. They're too slow to make use of their melee damage on any competent player. Finally, what makes them bulky is mainly their HP stat being very high, and NOT the decreased damage to their shells. In actuality, their weak point is their front and is easily accessible, whereas the shell that is meant to absorb damage is on their back and mostly out of your line of fire. It's hard to NOT hit their weak point, and they have no defensive actions that they take to stop exposing their soft bits to you.

In short, the queen really defeats her own purpose and becomes nothing more than another bullet sponge. I don't have a problem with bullet sponges if they're done properly (e.g. Have a variety of moves to keep it from being boring and not being able to kill you in seconds). So in order to fix the problem of the queen's gimmicks being flaccid at best, here is what I would do to make fighting one properly epic:

  1. Give her a purpose to her roar. In the midst of battle, the queen would be able to use a roar attack when injured that would cause weaker mirelurks to spawn around her underground and pop out to fight the player. She would retain the ability to throw grub-spawning eggs, but it would be used much more frequently. While the enemies are active, the queen would curl up into a defensive position and try to heal itself for a set amount of time. Rarely, a King might show up from a nearby water source as well.

  2. Give the queen a slow-moving but powerful sonic projectile like the mirelurk kings have, which she would use at longer ranges. This would also include a similar version of her spitting attack, but which also moves slower and is more readily visible. The spit would cause DOT and slow the player down, while the sonic attack would deal instant damage and potentially cripple the player's head if it hits. She would spam both of these liberally.

  3. Give the queen a defensive position that she would attempt to stay in whenever possible. Just like NPCs in the Elder Scrolls block with shields, the queen would try to block by exposing her back shell to you, either by just turning around or by curling up. In addition to this, her shell parts would have a massive decrease to damage that would allow her to easily shrug off missiles. Note that this position would able to be countered by melee, and her health would be reduced to compensate for the increased defensiveness.

  4. Make her current acid spitting attack a short ranged-spray that she only uses when near melee range, and is much less damaging than the projectile. It would still slow the player down just like the projectile.

  5. Have the queen begin to flee when she's about to die (maybe <10% HP) and burrow underground, which would begin a slow healing process not unlike that of the monsters in Monster Hunter World.

  6. Have ALL of her attacks be removable via crippling like in vanilla, but each one is assigned to a specific part. Because these weak points would be harder to hit, the effect of disabling her attacks by crippling them would hopefully become more rewarding.

I think those are all of the changes I would make to them. Hopefully with those, the queens would become a fight where you have to strafe side-to-side to dodge their projectiles, shoot while moving to try to hit their weak points before they defend, get in close to break their defense but not stay in too long or risk getting shredded, wading through their adds when they pop up, and then chasing them down when they try to run in order to deliver the finishing blow. This would all culminate in an experience of trying to break through a living fortress, which is what I think the queens should be in the first place. These things should be titanic enough to give brotherhood paladins a hard time.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. I might do one of these on Super Mutant Behemoths or something, idk. Anyways… What do you, the reader, think of my idea? How would you make the Mirelurk Queens a more interesting/epic fight?

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