Miscellaneous I can’t findus (Fo4 Pipboy rant)

fallout 7 - Miscellaneous I can't findus (Fo4 Pipboy rant)

So fallout 4 is highly praised for adding some much needed gameplay additions to the fallout franchise, right? However I don't think the pipboy was improved with them.

Miscellaneous I can't findus

So, you know them notes you pick up? Holotapes, keys, key cards, all the jazz? Well for some reason, fallout 4's pipboy doesn't filter them neatly into their own subsections like new vegas. It puts them into one bundled mess which makes it a god damn nightmare to find what you are looking for, by the time you've collected lots of these "misc" items it can take up too 5-10 minutes JUST to find the item your looking for.

This problem only gets worse once you realise loading if you try load a holotape into the pipboy that's not already in your inventory (eg the ground) it glitches out the screen and you cannot see anything, meaning you have to go all the way through that huge misc tab to find the holotape and actually listen to actually use the damn thing, and even worse you have to remember the name of the holotape you only very very briefly looked at and find it in that huge jumbled mess of a list.

This is one of the biggest degrades in fallout 4 compared to new vegas, this makes the gameplay more clunky and much more drawn out, and it's so frustrating late game.


Local map? Useless crap.

So we all remember fallout 3/new vegas's local map don't we? If you don't, and need a quick refresher here is an image of what it looked roughly like https://imgur.com/a/jL0xRyM

This local map allowed you to navigate your location and whereabouts easily, it has clear visibility and is extremely easy to use, however fallout 4's local map is the exact opposite, it's useless and it has piss poor visibility compared to the regular map, interior or not it's terrible. This is what the fallout 4 local map looks like https://imgur.com/a/9IhmFj5

For the amount of dungeon crawling 4 makes you do, this is extremely annoying to use and is counter productive to the whole of fallout 4's strong points, and it's gameplay loop.

TLDR : The local map in fallout 4 is useless crap, and the misc tab is a pain in my ass times by ten to navigate for items which counter-products the whole strong points and quality of life changes fallout 4 brought to the series.

Am I just being extra picky? Or is the misc tab in the pipboy an absolute living nightmare? And the local map useless to use in Fo4.

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