More examples of vigilante duper hunting

fallout 6 - More examples of vigilante duper hunting

I think my experience goes along with this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/afhw3h/people_have_taken_hunting_dupers_too_far_to_the/?utm_source=reddit-android

I get that duping is a serious problem but shit like this is taking it too far.

Im level 107 and on Xbox. I often run into other high level players that randomly invite me to trade. Usually while I'm at a vendor or near a station. I didnt get why, knowing that trade stealing was a hoax. I figured it was just to look at my stuff so I just fast travel away and carry on. A few nights ago this guy, lvl 122, speaks up in area chat. Tells me to show him my inventory or he's gonna kill me. I ask why the fu*k he wants to see my inventory. He says he saw me shoot an explosive weapon and wants to see if I'm a duper so he can report me and kill me. This guy was straight up trying to police me. I told him to fu*k off and he tried to kill me with his gatling gun, so I killed him before he could get me. He respawned at what I assumed was his camp, then sent me a message calling me a cheater and said he was reporting me. At first I was like IDGAF. But he sent me a few other messages "calling me out" so I figured I would let the guy see that I wasn't a cheater/duper.

I took a couple of screenshots of my inventory and sent it to him. He replies back accusing me of being a cheater and buying my guns. All I have of any worth is my TSE Lever action (3* with +1 agility) and a plain TSE handmade. Both I got off reddit, the lever was given to me after I made a post offering to trade for one. I traded a set of BoS combat plans for the handmade. My armor is mostly 1star. I have a 3* leather arm that I've been trying to find an upgrade for. And I only have like 5k caps, that's it. I don't have 1000s of serums or bobbleheads or anything. The only thing I have over 1000 of is steel scrap in my stash, which has less than 500 lbs in it. (I know this doesnt prove I'm not using a mule character but if I was cheating I would be using all 3* gear)

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I explain all this to him, told him to look at my posts and comments on reddit and he could see I was telling the truth about the guns. He says that buying stuff from dupers is just as bad as duping. Then continues trying to kill me for the next 10 minutes til I get irritated and block him from session and sever hop. Hopefully this crap doesnt become more common.

Tl;dr: Guy accuses me of being a cheater because I have an explosive weapon. Says he will kill me if I dont show him my inventory to prove I'm not a duper. I refuse, he attacks me and I kill him. I give in after several annoying messages and send him screenshots of my inventory, clearly showing I'm not a duper. He still insists I'm a cheater and tries to kill me several more times before I finally block him and server hop.

Still tl;dr : People need to back off with the vigilante bullshit, and just play the friggin game.

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