More Observations from Daily Ops.

fallout 8 - More Observations from Daily Ops.

Spoilers, obviously.

After the solo attempt at DayOps, I decided to join up today and play some group content with a random group (you can select daily ops as your group type, which gives up to %100 bonus XP in daily ops). The following are observations I had that may interest you. In this run, I got robots again, but this time they had an effect that slowed you down with each hit.

  • Rewards come in tiers, and anything above the Base tier is not repeatable beyond once per day. The end result is that once you get to the highest tier you can, you get much less for your effort. You can still get good rewards, but the odds are much lower outside the tiered guarantee.
  • In a group, things are easier, but not necessarily easy. I used a lot of stims on my PA build, and at least one of my cohorts dropped and had to be stimmed. This was in spite of my legacy weapon (and at least one of theirs as well), we were being flooded with Bots.
  • Max tier may be super tough to get for solos. During the "guard the object" portions, more players made them go faster. Unless you can wreck the end boss in seconds, and unless the group you have to fight before the end boss is easy to get to, you may not be able to beat the clock.
  • If you can, stick to one ammo. It makes it easier to regain some of your loss for driveby looting. On my runs, I used a gatling laser for one, and several weapons for the other (I started with a minigun, the swapped to a Plasma Gatling and Gaussmini when I ran dry). In the multi-weapon run, I got nothing but 5mm until i swapped to the plasma caster, and from there I got completely random ammo. In both cases, I regained cores as part of the post-op reward, and got back more than I spent.
  • No legendary enemies EDIT: That I saw. If you want to go farm legendaries, do it elsewhere, because this is pure gameplay. Unless you need the ammo, looting seems pointless. Apparently, Juicehead encountered legendary enemies and bosses. I'll defer to him, probably pout a lot more effort into checking it out, but in the four runs I have done, nothing has been legendary that I saw.
  • Enemies don't seem to stop spawning once the event is over. It's possible they stopped and we were dealing with already spawned targets, but after a while I didn't hang around any more. In either case, this can be useful. If they stop spawning, you can loot ammo once things clear out. If they do not stop, depending how efficient you are, you may be able to farm ammo.
  • It's fun, but also as repetitive ans anything in 76. While a fun challenge and all, it is in the end a set of dungeons, and while it may have a few options for foes and locations, it is ultimately a dungeon, which means like any endgame, it can get dull. Play as you like to avoid burnout.

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