Mr. 301, thank you for your help. I had a lot of fun.

fallout 5 - Mr. 301, thank you for your help. I had a lot of fun.

TL;DR: I killed a man and I liked it.

Last night I had an incredible experience. I'm a level 27 and I've been running around by myself for the last 30 hours or so in game just taking my time and enjoying the exploring until I got to the Pioneer Scouts quest to get a backpack. I was fine with the objectives except for the Revive an Ally, since I hadn't had any allies yet. Oh well, I figured. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Last night I was fast traveling from camp to camp looking for plans for various armor pieces when I came across a level 301 guy helping a lv47. I don't really talk that much in game but they were chatting away so I could hear everything they were saying and I gotta say, the higher level guy was the friendliest player I'd ever met. He was going out of his way to help the lv47 getting him plans and resources from his own stash and offering advice among other things. It was pretty cool. I didn't see anything I needed and I don't really use my mic but I decided to break my silence and thanked the guy for being so helpful anyway. He thanked me and said that that was why he got into the game in the first place, that he wanted to be a trader and that he really enjoyed it. After that the lv47 dropped and I took my leave.

I got about 100m outside his camp and I had a thought. I don't have any allies but I have to satisfy this requirement for the Pioneer Scouts somehow. This guy seemed so helpful… would he be willing to go even further? It was such an unreasonable request, surely not. But, I reasoned, it doesn't hurt to ask.

So I ran back. I mustered my courage and spoke.

Me: "Hey, can you hear me?"

lv301: "He speaks!"

Me: "I have a very unreasonable request to ask."

lv301: "Sure! What is it?"

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Me: "…can I kill you?"

lv301 (without hesitation): "Sure!"


I was kinda blown away. I explained about the quest requirement and he understood immediately. He dropped off his junk and we ran down to some water near his base and he irradiated the crap out of himself so he would down quicker. So we waited and he died, but didn't go down. We were both startled into laughter and he came running back from his camp. He figured we needed to be on a team so we joined up and fast traveled to a place with high level ghouls and he died again but didn't go down. Now we were confused so we played with the requirements. He mentioned all he did was run in and help other players that were already down during an event. Maybe we have to PvP and I down him? Nope, he died. Maybe We need to be on a team and he kills himself? Nope, he just died again.

But then we finally figured it out. We have to be on a team, and a creature we were both engaged in has to down him. We fast traveled to another location where we found a grafton monster. I was a bit weary since I had come across one before and it had kinda stomped on me, but it was focused on the other guy for the time being.

So I'm running around, the grafton monster is pounding on my buddy, and I'm watching his health drop little by little. At this point the anticipation was killing me. What if I messed up and couldn't stim him? What if I ran out of time? Finally my guy dropped, the grafton monster was right on top of him, its focus shifted directly on me. I sprinted in and mashed E as fast as possible and revived him! He got up and with a "pang!" he one-shotted the grafton monster with his death tambo, knocking it back an easy 15 feet, both of us cheering that I had finally managed to revive him at the same time.

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This guy had abandoned his camp, traveled around the map to 3 different locations, and died at least 4 different times just to help me fulfill that requirement. And I had an absolute blast doing it.

I unfortunately had to go immediately after that. Still riding high I logged out but realized I hadn't asked to be friends, and now I can't find him anywhere, and I can't remember his name. Also the friend system is terrible and I can't seem to find a "history" of sorts that would list prior teammates. His name was something similar to wellser, or wellster, or worster with three or four numbers after it.

So Mr. 301, if you're reading this I had a lot of fun and thanks again!

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