Mr.House knew about the Enclave and also forsaw their downfall.

fallout 2 - Mr.House knew about the Enclave and also forsaw their downfall.

The Enclave was a secretive group of American government officials who created a secret society as a means of "preserving America". Their ranks consisted of Generals, Cabinet Members, and other influential people. During their time in the Post War, they made a name for themselves as the last beacon of pure humanity left. However, they took this beacon idea way too far as they attempted multiple times to exterminate all mutation from the shell of America. Defeat after defeat, the Enclave was stopped suffering major blows. Eventually, the group fizzled out into the wasteland leaving behind the memory of America and the Enclave with it.

Robert House was a prominent businessman who made a name for himself by peddling technology to the highest bidder. Through his company Rob Co, House created a multitude of products ranging from robotics to personal computers. An egotistical narcissist with a god complex, House had a reputation of being a demanding boss. In the months preceding the Great War, Robert deduced that America was doomed to endure a Nuclear War. Faced with potential annihilation of his home city of Las Vegas, he went straight to work making preparations to defend his home from a war to end all wars.

So with the intros out of the way, here is how House knew about the Enclave.

Sometime before the Great War, Mr. House was approached by a group of government officials calling themselves the "Enclave". They gave their elevator pitch to House about preserving America in the event of a nuclear war. Remember at this point in the Resource Wars, House was an integral part of the American War machine as Rob Co produced a large amount of the military hardware. House would hear them but he wouldn't listen. His mind was made up, America was fucked and no amount of planning could fix it.


Their Enclave was doomed to fail. Between their adhesion to the values that potentially ruined America and their command structure, House knew the Enclave would fall just as America would. The Old World America was fixated on stopping communism and the Enclave would be no different. Their fixation on an ideology was America's downfall and so would be the Enclave's too.

In House's eyes, the Enclave would rise and fall too quickly to be an actual threat to his plans for Vegas. House's plan was to play the long game and let the world more or less sort itself out. After his time in stasis, he would arise and deal with the factions that survived for 200+ years. Just a precaution, however, House created the Securitron MK2 operating system in the event the Enclave or a splinter version still lived during his reign. The need for anti-air missiles and anti-personnel grenade launchers were not meant for simple raiders but for a sizeable force such as the Enclave that has vertibirds and power armor.

When House begins his creation of New Vegas, he realizes that his predictions for the part of the Old World that refused to die finally did. With no other major force in his way, he turned attention to playing chess with the lesser factions trying to act big like the NCR and Legion.

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