My Ammo/Lead Farming Guide

fallout 4 - My Ammo/Lead Farming Guide

Lead/Ammo Farming Guide

I see a lot of people on here, including mid to higher level players struggle to keep their weapons fed with ammo so I figured I would post my lead farming guide to help those in need out.

  1. I start at Site Alpha, go down the elevator and if you walk straight through the doors you will hit the weight room, pick up all the lead weights and scrap them down.

  2. Travel up to Site Bravo (same concept)

  3. Palace of the Winding Path has a weight room and workbench as well

  4. Eastern Regional Penitentiary has a weight “area” in the center of the yard as well as a ton of tin cans that net you steel and lead BONUS kill all the super mutants and scrap their weapons for more steel

  5. Vault-Tec university in the vault has another weight room for more lead

  6. Green County Lodge (right by flatwoods) has a weight room in the first floor (although many players utilize this one and you will find it empty more frequently)

  7. Charleston Fire Department has another weight room with work benches that you can collect and scrap need be

  8. Camden Park has quite a few tin cans to pick up by the roller coaster

  9. Site Charlie is next utilize the same method as the previous two

  10. Monorail Elevator, if you go to the top has a few weights that spawn outside the train

DISCLAIMER I know that there are a few more spots to hit including taking the munitions factory but for the sake of streamlining the run, and keeping yourself moving in a counter clockwise motion around the map while keeping yourself close to workbenches/train stations/red rockets I have found those few spots work the best.

Next Topic Lead Ore

Lucky Hole Mine: if you can utilize this method it will increase your ammunition output considerably.

  1. Have a buddy or yourself craft a FULL set of excavator armor(I know the arms say that they are all you need to increase mining yield however in my experience it only works with a full set)

  2. Put on your excavator armor and go into lucky hole and mine lead ore, check EVERYWHERE, mining carts, walls, ceilings, nooks and crannies, there are a few YouTube videos you can search to maximize your yield. My personal best is around 430 lead ore. (Without super duper 2 lead ore yields 5 lead scrap)



If only you just needed lead, but you’re going to need a considerable amount of steel cloth and acid in order to get your bullets made!


  1. I always farm West Tek, the bonus here is that the super mutants drop gun powder, caps(Who doesn’t love caps), weapons that break down to steel and their laser rifles yield 11 plastic a piece (necessary for bulking everything) you can also easily server hop between two friends for this

  2. Grafton Steel has super mutants and taking the workshop yields steel in the steel extractors

  3. Top of the world has scorched in the 2nd level plus junk you can pick up to scrap, outside TOW the ski resort and cabins have more enemies to break down their weapons

  4. Big Bend Tunnel, filled with scorched, kill, loot and scrap to your hearts content

  5. Uranium Fever is another amazing steel location (amongst other mats) if you have multiple players I have walked out with 800+ steel per 10 minute run


Complete campfire tales don’t actually do the event though. Bugs continue to spawn until the timer runs out, also butchers bounty helps this significantly but also Taking hemlock holes yields 30 acid every time you clean out the extractors, horde events with snallygasters and yogi bears are a god send for loads of acid


I use collision course, traveling to Morgan town airport usually pops the event, Kill the scorched, (more steel) and the cargo bots drop 100 prewar money = 100 cloth


Super Duper(luck), scrapper(intelligence) and Ammosmith (agility) maxed out are detrimental to your crafting efficiency

Personally, I use pack rat 3 (strength) and radicool (endurance) for ease of travel as well as unyielding gear (with low health) to increase carrying capacity with my backpack on top of that. Travel agent(charisma) also helps keep costs down these aren’t necessary but they are still nice to have

Final Notes

Like I said, I know I missed a few places but this pattern has netted me over 20k 5.56 in a single day amongst loads of XP a few people may get mad I’m giving away secrets but hey, this is a community and I love helping people

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