My argument & logistics for a full remake of the first two Fallout games

fallout 1 - My argument & logistics for a full remake of the first two Fallout games

Note: There's gonna be some spoilers relating to the first 2 fallout games. I know their 20+ years old but i'm warning you guys:

I think Bethesda is missing out by not tapping into the earlier lore and stories of the series. The first two fallout games have an incredible atmosphere and i feel could be the saving grace that the fallout series needs after the slump from 76 (note: I don't "hate" 76, i'm apathetic towards it. That being said, my favourite fallout games are the first two, then new vegas, 3, 4, 76).


With the additional tech. Bethesda could add more weapons, objects, areas, armour, NPC's and could potentially give a great amount of depth and insight for both new fallout fans of the 3D universe, and fans of the original RPG isometric games.

Exploring vault 13, 15, Shady Sands, Junktown, The Hub, Mariposa Military Base and the Glow could be amazing in terms of potential of story telling and ambiance. It wouldn't be an insane task (18 – 24 months and the inevitable day 1 patch would be more time than fallout new vegas had and would easily have greater hype than anything else bethesda could put out fallout related)

The new fighting animations and tech in 4, as well as the weapon customising ability and settlement building aspects could be used at Shady Sands, after the radscorpion cave mission, the building of arroyo and an expansion of the first game based around the vault dwellers memoirs You could have the Vault Dweller building arroyo after being exiled and the game could end with the vault dwellers passing, this would give the ability for Bethesda to add a new ending and introduce new things.

I think that whilst nothing will replace fallout 1 & 2 for me. I've always been a fan of turn based combat and story over visuals. A reimagining of the classics would be a great decision for Bethesda to do. The boss fights, locations, quests and characters all have room for growth and would be an easy way for them to get back the core fanbase.

Fans and modders have made mods which show the possibility and potential of a 3D remake. But I honestly think that Bethesda could have the greatest chance of making it a reality and will introduce so many people to the series that are put off by the isometric design and the slow travel mechanics. You have people watching youtube videos because of how daunting it is to pick up those games. You make it 3d and you've got millions of potential customers who've had the game advertised to them for 2 decades now. You've just made it accessible.


Fallout 1 is regarded as having the best story by a lot of people (Fallout 2/Fallout NV coming in close second) and whilst fallout 3 borrowed a lot of things from the original game. A Fallout 1 reimagining would have a foundation for Bethesda to build on and grow with a safety net.


For the name. You couldn't call it "fallout 1" or "fallout 2". Bethesda doesn't want the connection to interplay/black isle and would rather become insolvent that draw connections. The name "Fallout Origins", "Fallout Beginnings", "Fallout: Memoirs of the Vault Dweller", "Fallout: Vault 13", "Fallout: California". Are all potential names that could be used (or re-used as the case may be).


Now for what we all don't want to hear. But what Zenimax and Bethesda love. DLC. As that's what makes them hella bank.

Limited edition armour, weapons. Maybe some expansion packs to different areas of the wasteland, new special encounters? And of course, the creation club. As much as I don't like DLC (I think i've bought all the DLC for FNV and 2 of the DLC for FO3) it's something that they will need to include. It's inevitable. Maybe also include a multiplayer feature on the side and some whack DLC for that. But emphasise the first person experience.

Maybe a multiplayer playthrough of the story as well could be available, instead of just 1 vault dweller you have 2, or more, encouraging people to get their friends to buy the game? Again: I would only personally buy the game for the single player experience but the ability to experience fallout 1 in a 3d environment after falling in love with the isometric view, but other people have different reasons and motivations. There's evidence in the first game that multiple people from fallout 13 were sent out. It could create excuses for DLC and create a multiplayer community


Thoughts? am I missing anything? Sorry for the ramble.

TL;DR: Fallout 1 has a great story and room for growth and Bethesda has a lot of potential to create an amazing experience catered to fans, like myself, of the original stories without needing a stupid amount of guess work of what the fans want.

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