My Atomic Atlas Statue arrived today, just shy of 1 year from ordering [and other fun order issues]

fallout 8 - My Atomic Atlas Statue arrived today, just shy of 1 year from ordering [and other fun order issues]

So back on June 15th 2018 I made a pre-order purchase of the Atomic Atlas Statue in hype and anticipation of FO76. Along with the order, I picked up 2 t-shirts <1 mens 1 womens> and 2 bobble heads .

In August, I was advied the Energy Weapons bobblehead was sold out and I had to choose another bobblehead to ship with my order. I was bummed out, but eh, shit happens. I swapped to the Sole Survivor w/ Rifle Bobblehead

In November, I messaged Customer Service for just a general update. I knew the Statue was pre-order but wasn't 100% when it would be ready. I was informed it would ship in March 2019.

In May I asked for an update on the order. Was due to ship in March, but I never had any updates come over. I was told that the order was due to ship in May but I should check the product page for updates about the ship date for the product.

I was also advised that..

"Upon checking your order, we regret to inform you that the ​Vault Boy Energy Weapons 111 Bobblehead – 5" is not available for fulfillment. We recently had a full inventory and the pending units of this item were put into "damaged" status and cannot be shipped. We sincerely apologize and can offer 2 options:

1. Refund the item. If so, please verify that Visa ending in xx82 is still active for the refund

2. Choose a bobblehead that we have in stock for an exchange"


At this point, I was pretty frustrated at the lack of updates, and the "out of stock" issues on an order I placed in June 2018. They refused to ship anything separately. Due to the statue being delayed, I was denied 2 different bobbleheads.

Today I finally received my box . I got my 1 bobblehead , 2 t-shirts…. but both mens. The "womans" shirt is either an awful womens cut or just not a womens cut… and my statue.

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It's a decent size, but quality is a bit…. lacking. Made of "Injections Plastics". The Paint is kind of flat and lacking texture. The Atomic Atlas is not afixed to the statue and it's kind of questionable strength. It just sits on the statue and I worry if it's bumped it'll just fall off and break.

I'm a bit underwhelmed but I know there has been a lot of merch issues and I really shouldn't be surprised. Their Nuka Dark Rum apparently was a big failure and of course the whole bag thing blew up in their face. I'm not sure the statue is that level of bad but it's certainly not as awesome as I had hoped.

Atlas Photos + Comparisons

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