My Attempt at a Battle Tower

fallout 8 - My Attempt at a Battle Tower


(pls ignore half wall below cabin, didn't notice it when taking pic)

It's a 2×2 base, 2×1 stairs for first level, stairs between two half floors on the higher levels, and two 2×1 locked rooms. Built one floor at a time because those girder things are fu*king horrendous when interacting with walls. The lower room has every workbench besides PA station, and is pretty damn snug with lvl0 locks. Top room has bed, stash, eventually a PA station, and hopefully nice furnishings when I can afford them using a lvl3 lock. Can fit all that plus seven turrets and a generator and some lights at lvl 14 (I think. I may have had a level waiting but I don't remember.)


Windows are on all sides and are usable, the turrets have a great view for anywhere you decide to place the tower, and anyone who tries to pick locks will have fun getting down from the cabin.

Edit: The only other weird thing I should mention is that the doors for the rooms are only connected to half floors for the stairs. Its still easy to navigate but looks odd and you have to be careful about door placement.


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