My dad learns about internet gamer behavior, Part II

fallout 2 - My dad learns about internet gamer behavior, Part II

So in the beta, I once told a brief story here of how my stoic, 59-year-old dad who has NEVER been exposed to online gaming before Fallout 76 reacted to seeing what he thought was some very odd behavior in-game.

Tonight we have Part II.

We were at Pleasant Valley Station doing some selling and inventory management. I'm just idling for a bit while my dad is at the vendor. I see someone who's wearing that one freaky-looking mascot head AND some kind of weird candy-stripe lingerie come into the station.

I IMMEDIATELY know this is going to be absolute fu*king gold. The person makes it all the funnier by jumping up on the counter and starting to teabag my dad in the face.

I said "You've GOTTA see this person in here."

Now, he doesn't like to use severe language around me, even though I'm 34 – he just doesn't like to do that around his daughter.


But as soon as he exited trade and saw this deranged person teabagging him, he immediately backed up and stammered "What the hell– what the FU*K??"

I was wheezing with laughter and could not stop giggling for 5 minutes. He had to go AFK briefly to help my mom with something, but when he came back, he heard me still giggling. "I guess you get a kick out of your old man, don't you," he says.

I sure do, Pa. I sure do. Watching this process of him being introduced in very abrupt, unpredictable ways to the psychotic (yet completely normal, by our standards) behavior of online gamers has been hilarious so far. I have to wonder how many other adults age 45+ are going through the same thing because of Fallout.

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