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fallout 4 - My Dream Fallout 5

Prologue Mission: The game would start off in a bunker in St. Louis. You are a new recruit of a small sect of the Enclave(Much less radical than the traditional enclave) trying to get in contact with other groups due to declining resources in the St Louis area. The Chicago sect has gone dark but your sect soon picks up distant radio signals coming from the far south. With no viable future in St. Louis due to the scourge of super mutants, you and the 5 other members of sect fight your ways out of the bunker and eventually have to go through Vault 2(This is where your player would aquire a pip-boy) which tunnels underneath the river and has an exit leading to tunnels leading out to an airfield. In the airfield your sect would leave St. Louis on a faulty but working vertibird and start heading south towards the signal. Eventually after some time in the air, The vertibird would go down deep in the swamps which kills off the entire sect except your player who barely survives the incident. The first part of the main quest would be to find the location of the radio broadcasts before it turned into choosing a faction side.

Location: New Orleans, Bayou Wasteland

Main Factions: Enclave-No explanation needed other than because of reduced power, they are much less radical. Would eventually be found on an oil rig in Lake Ponchatrain and could grow in power depending on player path.


Saints Federation-A former group of mercenaries who devouted their lives to protecting New Orleans due them percieiving it as holy ground. This conversion came after they met the Abbeys Of The Roads

Jeffersons Revolt-A rebellion led by a former member of the Saints Federation who was disgusted at their lack of protection for the smaller communities and didn't like their new causes. Mainly made up of untrained NPCS from the smaller communites.

Tribals-Found in the communities farthest away from New Orleans, Have no desire for civilization or decency. Would serve as more of Yes-Man than anything.

Smaller Factions: Church Of Voodoo- Group who practices the voodoo religion within New Orleans but still agreed to not resist the Saints Federation as of now

Abbeys Of The Road- Would be found within New Orleans religious buildings. Serve as a follower of the apocalypse type role

Brotherhood Outcasts-Not the outcasts from Fallout 3. This Brotherhood group would be small remnants from the Texas BOS.

Skill checks and Special Checks would both be present in dialogue and settlements would be empty spaces that could be linked to factions.

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