My evil radiation crazed raider (super fun playthrough)

fallout 6 - My evil radiation crazed raider (super fun playthrough)

I wanted to try something that I had not done before so I made this character and it has been turning out to be a lot of fun.

Right off the bat, as soon as I stepped out of the vault, I booked it towards Far Harbor. Now this is a challenge at early levels but if you are confident you can do it. Once in Far Harbor I began working for the local fisherman and trying anyway that I could to make money and get stronger for future battles. I had never met Codsworth so I just figured that my wife was dead and I'd never see my son again. It always seemed like the Fisherman were not too stoked to have me so I travelled to Acadia. I did some jobs for them for a while but again felt underappreciated for helping them all out. I was told about the Children of Atom and thought I'll check them out. Upon meeting the Children Of Atom, they told me to follow the path and to drink from the radiation river. As soon as my character drank it..it immediately fried my brain. Now this is where the build gets awesome. I began to see an apparition in the fog and truly believed that Atom was calling out to me. I was the chosen one and I will give my life for the will of Atom. I will kill for Atom. In order to survive the harsh wastes of Far Harbor and the radiation, I needed lots of drugs so I began to heavily abuse any drugs that I could find. Once returning to the Children and speaking with the High Confessor it was clear they needed my help. I continued to work for them becoming incredibly strong and more resistant to rads. Eventually I was gifted the legendary hammer, Atoms Judgement and the Inquisitors Cowl and quickly became an unstoppable force. Combined with the Kiloton Radiation Rifle, there was not much that could hurt me out there. It was at this point that tensions had risen to the brink of destruction for all the parties of Far Harbor and I was going more insane by the day. I realized that Confessor Tekkus was just another pawn for Atom and I was actually the true chosen one. I carried out his will and deactivated the anti-fog machines killing everyone in Far Harbor and Longfellow. Then I suggested that it was time for us to destroy the nuke in the Nucleus but the High Confessor wouldn't listen to me as I was clearly delirious from the doses of radiation and suffering from extreme drug addiction. I failed the speech check as my charisma was a 1. Once he turned his back, I decided that they were weak and I had already obtained the perk Crusader of Atom. I WAS THE CHOSEN ONE. I took a key for the Nuclear Launch codes that I obtained through DIMA and made my own judgement call. I blew them away in a shower of fire and radiation.


Having narrowly escaped, I returned with a very sad Kasumi to the commonwealth and informing her and her parents that she was a synth. Just a machine. She was banished from her home. I made my way to spectacle island to build a private fort where I would not be bothered. After building a huge base, I got a signal for Nuka World. I decided to head over there and, on the way, met Strong. Our personalities fit perfectly because at this point I am an insane drugged out cannibal who only believes in radiation. I cannot pick any locks and I take whatever I want by force. Including everything the Atom Cats owned and devoured their bodies. We became best friends and made our way to Nuka World where I was jumped by raiders. I killed the leader and became the leader of all of them. From here I cleared out the park and it was time to start my raider assault on the Commonwealth. By the time I returned I was almost level 43 and still had barley discovered anything. I began taking a couple settlements but quickly realized that raiders don't want to farm. I needed to build farms first to get the highest food yield. I began building raider concentration camps and recruiting settlers and then would turn around and take it over for the food. They would supply us. This went on for a while when I discovered Preston and his crew. I did not want to help them when Mama Murphey said that my son is alive…After all this time my character had believed his son to be dead. I made it my one goal to find him. So, I ended up using the Railroad to get access to the Institute and loved it. With the power of my massive raider gang on the surface and the Institute at my finger tips..I will see the world cleansed in Atoms glory. By this time, I am completely immune to chem withdrawal and can take out nearly anything in one hit while I am high. The institute has sent me to retrieve some synths but..I killed them instead. One was a raider and was clear competition. The others..runaways from the Institute at Bunker Hill. Traitors. Father was not happy but I apologized and we seem ok now. Last I played we just had a meeting and Father announced that I would be his successor. The other Institute leaders are furious but it is too late for them..I see a vision of only Atom and the time is now. This is where I have left off at level 52. Gonna play more tonight.

For stats I put it all in strength, intelligence, and endurance. I had to increase the difficulty because at one point I survived two Super Mutant suiciders. It's stupid how strong I was on normal.

I'm interested to hear what you guys think of this build. It is one of the best I have made. Also add burns and a messed face to your character for total damage roleplay and don't be afraid to kill almost everything. Piper hates me. She will no longer travel with me.

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