my experience on fallot 4 (survival)

fallout 5 - my experience on fallot 4 (survival)

platform ps4 game of the year edit (no mods)

current lvl80

1.i know its late and probably useless

1.2.i tried survival on my third playthrough with 150 perk(tyler mods) on lvl 1 but it was no fun so i started fresh

1.3i played it with companions unlike my other playthroughs

1.4never get cocky on survival save often

1.5intresting fact on survival after a while i always aim for the head

1.6 on vault 81 there is a junkie who buys jet for 75 caps so gather about 100 jets and go to sell ito him(one time only)

diamond city blues gives 50 of each chems

1.7 for modding weapons its way muck better to scavenge the mods instead of getting gun nut perks

1.8biggest threat on survival difficulty is missile launcher9explosives and enemys same as your llvl or higher (except melee attacker)

1.9power armor is good for companions bad for sole survivor

1.9.1vetibirds is closest thing to fast travel

1.9.2.recommended difficulty settings1-10 hard 10<v hard survival when you think your ready

1.9.3.on survival game progression is very slow but leveling up is fast

1.9.4.fallout4map.com and fandom are really helpful

1.9.5.money doesnt play a big role in the game

1.9.6. refreshing beverage is useless

1.9.7as much as i hate to admit it main weapon in this game is a autimatic rilfe

1.9.8supressor is a game changer

1.9.9each workshop need an artillery gun and a doctor store light with deep pocket mod and 20 water 5 jet 5 psycho 2 weapons sniper 100 ammo


500 ammo for your rifle 5 nuka cola best and common food is murelurk(roasted/omelette)

20stimpacks 5 rad away 3 of each herbal… can steal your weapons in workshops if you are a collector like me on your resting workshops kick or kill every sattlement cage animals is fun animals get trapped after24+hrs are more bugs at survival


ch must be 10 because if you get 11 charisma never fail at (least on my case)

2.1v importnent perks on early game


big league esp lvl4

action girl+strong back(when over encumbered)

2.2useful perks

armorer(+black smithlvl2 nuka dlc legendery drops)


night person lvl2

pick pocket

robotic expert lvl1

critical banker

four leaf clover



demo expert

awareness lvl1



science lv1

every thing else is pretty much useless


3.1avoid explosive weapons

3.2overseer gaurdian is a must have

3.3there are 2 leg armor at bunker hill that increase movement speed by total of 20%

4.capitalism notes

4.1 expensive items

laser rifle


  1. gather items

strong back + legendary leg guard with 10% each movement speed +action girl

collect everything and sell at the shops (personal record 5k lbs)

sorry for using shitty grammar/words

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