My experience playing fallout 76

fallout 3 - My experience playing fallout 76

Anyone saying this game does not have the fallout soul is dead wrong, the game is everything fo4 was and MORE.

Starred playing at exactly 4pm pst left the vault with 3 other guys, invited them to a group and just explored up north for a bit. First thing I did was loot everything, and started getting into combat with low level enemies. Vast is not that bad as everyone is saying in the previews, of course you can't target limbs this time around but the % rate of hitting your target is still there and works really smooth (for people who use vast all the time, it's still easy to use). I think all my squad members left and it was solo wandering from there on, kept going north my goal was hitting the carnival grounds.

When I arrived to the carnival I was already in my second hour in, I claimed the derby race track to built a small shack… If anyone knows the settlement building in fo4 you can still scrap everything in sight, I scraped around 20 cars to have a decent amount of building materials. When you claim a settlement in 76 you have to defeat 4 SLOW WAVES of enemies, very easy if you build a couple of machine gun security. After I was done building my small settlement I kept wandering around the amusement grounds, looting, and just exploring the landmarks around.


In total of 3 hours I did not encounter any as*hole players who tried to engage in pvp, most of the vault dwellers were chill af. I traded with one person I bought his fire axe and I sold him a small hunting rifle. The people who played on xbox today were not trolls or bad sports that's all I can say about the player base.

The survival elements of the game definitely creep up on you after you kill so many enemies, the game is not hard but all I could say is… If you run into a large crowd of enemies when you are alone, you better have good weapons or get the F**** out of there quickly before they kill you. My first death happened 3 hours in when a large group of super mutants surrounded me (if I had a squad we could've probably taken them down but I was all alone). When you die you drop all your junk, if you want it back you definitely have to go back super sneaky or try to kill everyone again.

My final notes, the leveling and perks are fine still don't understand it all that well but the cards and perks are very fun. THE GAME IS PACKED TO THE RIM WITH CONTENT.



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