My experience tonight with four punks at my CAMP

fallout 5 - My experience tonight with four punks at my CAMP

So I'm a retired Vet 26 years in the Marine Corp. I have seen my fair share of shit. I don't have alot to go these days, I mostly sit around the house and care for my grandson. I took an M26 frag blast full of shrapnel to my lower back and right leg, due to this I have trouble walking most days.

I relieve myself by playing alot of solitaire, as well as watching movies, and most of all playing Fallout 76!!!

Now I have played since the BETA and loved every second, I've put around 600 or so hours into the game world, and have been taking it easy, if you can catch my drift. At a cool level 34, I have very little cares in the wastes. I can manage to kill about anything with my trusty gatling laser in less than ten fusion cores. Some big things take a few more cores, but that's what it's all about baby! I fear nothing. I fear man.

It was a normal game session as any other, I logged in, placed the set on my noggin' and tore open a bag of pork skins.

Ahhh. The smell of spicy pork skins made my mouth water, and my palms sweat. I needed a diet coke. After about twenty minutes in the bathroom, I returned to the couch to find my character was on the ground. A slew of bullet holes riddled his backside, and I had a flashback of Joey. He was a good man and taken far before his time. But now was not the time for grief, as I had been griefed. Griefed by these so called "Griefers" that I've heard and been warned of. It was the time for vengence.

I respawned and I looked at my map. I spotted the little bastard. 50 cap wanted level. And about forty clicks from my base. His ass was mine.

I fast traveled as close to him as I could without showing him where my base was. "Fuck the caps" I said. "Revenge is priceless."

There he was shooting my base with an explosive shotgun of sone type. Dragon's breath? Evil stuff, I've seen men lit on fire and dismembered in a hellish inferno, but my rage exceeded that time. This time it was personal. I drew my trusty gatling laser and took aim. My teeth clenched so hard, blood seeped from my gums and filled my mouth with the taste of copper. Hot scarlet, a familiar taste. I hastened. I knew he might spot me, or run away, and he needed to be put down like the dog he was. And that's when I saw the rest of them.


His friends were popping up one after the other and joining in this massacre of my little log cabin. I screamed in a booming voice over the mic "justice is here. I am it's vessel!" Then I gave a terrifying war cry "ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I held the trigger for what seemed like thirty minutes, and went through about ten fusion cores.

The smoke cleared and I wiped the sweat from my brow. I saw that two of the three had gone down immediately, the third was in last stand mode, and the fourth was nowhere to be seen. I could however, see his microphone symbol popping in and out, and could hear his labored breaths. The breaths of a dying man.

"You and your friend could walk away." I yelled at him over the mic while I reloaded my gatling laser from behind some cover. "Yes, you could walk." I continued. "If I knew any measure of mercy." I proceeded to nail his friend in the head, putting him out of his misery. "Ahhhhh" he yelled out in pain before the light of his eyes faded. "You're next, you son of a bitch!" I yelled at the final combatant.

"Please, just let me and my friend go, we wont bother you anymore I swear!" He pleaded. "I even left you a bag of goods!"

"Not gonna do." I replied. "I want something you cannot give." I said in my most menacing voice. "I have to take it."

"Noooo!" He screamed. "I can't lose this ballistic fiber! Please!" He began to sprint into the woods away from me, and I painted his backside crimson. He was in the final stand now, and I could taste sweet victory drawing ever closer.

I pulled my kabar and stuck him in the sternum. "Shhhhhh." I whispered into his ear. I twisted the knife. "Uh uh ahhhhh no uh ahhh!" His groans of agony were music to my ears. As he fell dead, I painted my face and chest with his still warm blood. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed into the sky. I have defeated the griefers! A sense of accomplishment came over me, and I was sweating like a pig. But have I become the very thing I sought to destroy?

I thought of Joey. What he told me. His dying words. "Don't be them. Be better." What have I done? I began to weep. The sorrow was too much. I have become them. I have destroyed.

I am become death.

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