My Experience With Fallout 4

fallout 2 - My Experience With Fallout 4

Back in 2015, when the game was first released, I immediately had a good feeling about it. Growing up a gamer I was into all kinds of games: Sports, Racing, GTA (obviously) and I remember my experience with FO3, my first Fallout game. The entire time I'm playing FO3 I'm thinking to myself, "It's good….but it's missing something". Not sure if it was the dull colors and graphics or what it was, but the game wasn't encapsulating me enough.

2015 Fallout 4 comes out and I had a feeling in my gut saying this game is going to be amazing. I thought to myself "a new and improved FO3, just like I wanted". I pop in the game, enter and exit Vault 111, and the rest was history.

Countless, and I mean COUNTLESS hours spent exploring and upgrading my weapons and armor. I remember having a mission to the east, but an undiscovered building to the west. And below that building would be some shack or train derailment that would catch my attention. I would spend hours totally OK with wandering in the wrong direction, because who knows what else you might find; A new faction, an interesting storyline, a FRIGGIN Deathclaw!!

It took years before I could put this game down and really commit to something else. I played RDR2 and thought it was great, I constantly rank top 50-100 in MLB The Show, I collected all 120 stars in Super Mario 64 AGAIN. But I was never truly as happy as I was when playing FO4.

So I pop Fallout back in and experiment with some mods, and although the mods are really really cool, it wasn't the same. Something doesn't feel as exciting when you're "discovering" a new location for the 20th time or clearing out Arc-Jet AGAIN for the Deep Range Transmitter. Cheating to start of with every perk in the game and GOD mode is fun for all about 20 minutes, then it gets boring. And for some reason the game seemed a lot more glitchy than I remembered and the graphics were just meh and fuck the game really just crashed again?!? fuck this I'm playing something else.


I would keep going back to it like a toxic ex-girlfriend because beneath the glitches, crashes, and losing that spark, I know deep down this is my favorite game ever!

December 25th 2020, Santa (myself) blesses me with an Xbox Series X. I could care less about Assassin's Creed Valhalla or checking out the enhanced graphics in RDR2. First game I downloaded and played? FALLOUT 4! And I really hoped something about the new system would change something about my experience. Maybe? a longshot….

BOOM!!! Fallout 4 Remastered on steroids!!! I walk out of Vault 111 for the millionth time looking like it's my very first. The graphics are amazing, everything is so vibrant and detailed. Loading screens are down to 1-3 seconds. My game STILL has yet to crash. I'm making an actual player build instead of maxing out every perk and starting with 100,000 caps. I don't fast travel and actually find joy in failing a persuasion attempt now.

This game feels brand new to me again, which is all any gamer ever wants with their favorite game.

So thank you Bethesda, thank you Microsoft, DogMeat you're a good boy, and thank you to you if you've made it this far! I hope you have or had a similar experience with this gem of a game.

TL;DR Fallout 4 is my favorite game ever and if you don't agree you can suck it!

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