my faction I made up for the Carolinas [Reuploaded]

fallout 7 - my faction I made up for the Carolinas [Reuploaded]

After the bombs dropped in 2077, the remnants of both the North, and South Carolina national guards turned into the North Carolina Militia, and the South Carolina Militia. The North Carolina Militia was very small and mostly stayed in Raleigh setting up shelter for survivors but would unfortunately be run out of Raleigh by the many malfunctioning robots attacking them, the North Carolina Militia would, after this, retreat into the piedmont region of North Carolina and set up small shelters over the years. The South Carolina Militia however would fare quite differently. The South Carolina Militia was much larger and stationed in Lexington but was forced out by a massive raider gang using fireworks and other explosives. The South Carolina Militia then moved to Lancaster were they would stay for a few years. Eventually word of another formation similar to theirs spread and the South Carolina Militia decided to move to North Carolina. In North Carolina the South Carolina Militia found nothing but the remnants of the North Carolina Militia’s old set up in Raleigh, however the South Carolina Militia stayed in Raleigh and destroyed all the hostile forces there and set up a permanent headquarters there. The South Carolina Militia then started doing search and rescue/recover missions; this lead to the South Carolina Militia being able to obtain tons of weapons, ammo, and most importantly food supplies. Soon the splinter groups of the North Carolina Militia came back together and teamed up with South Carolina Militia creating the Carolina Militia. The Carolina Militia grew quickly in both physical size and population. After growing large enough the Carolina militia took half of their army and marched back to South Carolina where they took back previous territory in Lancaster all the way back to Lexington. The Carolina Militia was huge at this point; that caused a problem. The Carolina Militia was a massive faction but they had no way of speaking to each other over long distances, so the Carolina Militia went to a shady group of people called “The Brotherhood of Steel”. The Brotherhood and the Carolina Militia made a very uneasy agreement in which they compromised that the Carolina Militia let the Brotherhood travel back and forth through the Carolina wasteland as they pleased in return for a radio system for the Carolina Militia. After this the Carolina Militia spread to Tennessee were they found a quite formidable force of deathclaws that had excessive amounts of radiation poured on them. However the last reports from the Carolina Militia speak of a struggle with the Enclave…


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