My failed attempt at beating the game without weapons, armor, chems, or companions in a no death run Kenshiro build. (Story time)

fallout 2 - My failed attempt at beating the game without weapons, armor, chems, or companions in a no death run Kenshiro build. (Story time)

I was doing a no death playthrough with a Kenshiro/truly unarmed build. Which means no armor because Ken doesn't wear armor outside of a shoulder pad. No weapons which includes fist weapons as Ken only uses his bare hands martial arts. No chems as Ken never used drugs in the show. No companions because Ken prefers to not have one due to the inevitable death that would befall them, as is the fate of one who bears the 7 stars. I still used stimpaks, rad-away, rad x and food though, if i didn't, i would constantly be running back and forth to diamond city and red rocket to sleep to heal, and see the doctor for rads. Which would be horribly slow and agonizing, so i just assumed Ken would use these items if they were available.

So on to the story, my starting stats were 10 STR 2 PER 10 END 3 CHR 1 INT 1 AGI 1 LUC i made it to level 16 before i died and didn't use any glitches. But i did use the fence post cheese to grind Exp without fighting or doing quests. As fighting put me at a risk for dying, and early on my character was very squishy despite having 10 endurance which shows even early game armor makes a difference. The first perk i got was Lone Wanderer as i knew it would be essential. But even with that perk, my health drained quickly in fights and i knew i was going to have to grind to stand a chance. So i scrapped all the trees i could find and spent all my caps on stimpaks and wood shipments for fence posts. One major advantage of this build is that you have a crap ton of free inventory space seeing i was only using my bare fists and road leathers to look like Kenshiro.

The whole playthrough i was struggling to make my character durable enough to survive and take hits. When i cleared the Concord Museum, i knew there was no way i was dealing with that deathclaw. So i bailed out and went to grinding. I knew getting the Refractor perk was going to be essential for mid-late game so after i got my rooted, iron fist, toughness, adamantium perks. I started investing, and used the SPECIAL book in Shauns room on perception (Which didn't really help much). But before i starting putting more into perception, i was in a predicament as to what i should invest in betwen the Medic perk and Refractor. I knew i could have gotten medic first so stimpaks would last longer looking back at it now, but i foolishly dumped points for Refractor which wasted alot of level ups. My idea at the time being that i couldn't allow my character to be weak to energy damage and that i was going to need it for the synths at Arc Jet and Fort Hagen.


Before i did that though i had finished park street station, where i was wearing down all the triggermen through attrition so i wouldn't waste stimpaks. Attrition being me killing as many as i could before losing half of my health or more and fast travelling to red rocket to sleep my health back to full. And selling all the guns and clothes for wood shipments. But fast forward to when i was grinding for Refractor and tier 2 Lone Wanderer, i ran into a problem. I was completely out of wood and there were no trees left to scrap at sanctuary, red rocket, or somerville place. I wasn't that aware of what settlements had lot or trees and didn't, so i did a quick search and found out about croup manor having 1500 wood worth of trees. I wasn't going to do spectacle island as i knew damn well i stood no chance against those mirelurks. Croup manor it was.

I was level 16 when i got to croup manor, managed to kill the 2 withered ghouls and fodder, using up alot of healing items and rad-aways in the process. But i thought the 1500 wood would be worth using up some items so i didn't think much of it, which was a mistake. When i got upstairs and unlocked the bedroom door, i was met with a Putrid Glowing One. My attacks hardly did any damage to it while i was taking heavy hits. I just barely defeated it having almost died a couple times and used up all my healing items with just a few radaway and rad-x left. When i went to the workbench to start scrapping, i was met with a very disappointing message "You need to clear out the remaining hostiles before you can use the wrokbench". I assumed that Putrid Glowing One was the boss and that the worst was over, so i went to the basement assuming there would only be weaker ghouls. When i got in there i saw 3 ghouls in tiers between reaver and roamer and i managed to damage some of them but took too much damage myself and ran away.

I bought 6 stimpaks with my remaining caps at diamond city before returning to croup manor to clear out the basement. I had no idea what i was in for, when i came back there was the 3 ghouls i originally saw. But while i was fighting them, a 4th one showed up that was a Gangrenous feral ghoul. Which is a level 42 enemy while a Putrid is 40, i was taking damage fast and had little health before i could pull up my pip boy in time. And i used all my healing items at once in hopes i could survive and run away again. But i died. By an enemy a higher level than the supposed "boss" of the area, i had no reason to believe there would be a second boss down in the basement, especially not one of a higher level, but there was.

And my playthrough was ruined. Feelsbadman

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