My Fallout game story (UPDATE) (New Orleans, Chicago, STL, KC)

fallout 6 - My Fallout game story (UPDATE) (New Orleans, Chicago, STL, KC)

This is still a work in progress but I have fleshed out the story quite a bit since my last post HERE so I decided I will post this again.
I've had this idea for a fallout game that would take place across the middle of the US spanning multiple cities with different factions in the different cities. It would span 4 maps New Orleans, St Louis, Chicago, then Kansas City.

The main story arc is about you discovering your past, what happened to the vault you were born in. You are need to figure out who your grandfather was before the war so you can figure out why you were separated from your parents as a kid and to find out if they are still alive (Spoiler Alert: I haven’t decided yet if they are still alive) . You track down his riverboat company headquarters in the Bayou wasteland to get one of his boats working again so you can use it at a way to travel the great US rivers and following his pre-war foot steps by traveling up the river to the different cities that he had done business in, at various river port cities. Over the course of you traversing the middle of the country, you cross paths with many different factions fighting for land, people, and power.

The Story

Act 1: New Orleans and The Bayou Wasteland.

You grew up in the French quarter, raised by your uncle for the last 10 years since you left the vault at 8 years old and became separated from your parents. The French Quarter is the high ground of New Orleans that doesn’t have flooding issues like most of the Bayou wasteland. This is where most human settlers in the Bayou wasteland live and have fortified the neighborhood. New Orleans also became a ghoul sanctuary city after the Great War, but there are rising tensions between the humans and ghouls. Ghouls are no longer allowed in the French Quarter after dark due to recent problems and they have a main settlement across the river in another ward. This would be the most in depth ghoul faction the fallout series has seen. You were born to vault dwellers but left the vault at a young age for reasons you don’t understand. This will be a story to investigate later in the game when you track down the location of this vault, discover what happened.

Story begins:

Main Quest: You uncle has died (old age) soon with you now an adult. He leaves you all his belongings which is not much, but includes a key to a river dock office (Great River Shipping Co: GRSC) you have never been to and a personal letter where he apologizes for what happened to your parents. You are confused by the letter as you don’t know what happened to your parents the night you left the vault so the main quest starts with you trying to figure out what he was apologizing for. You are unsure if your parents died or if they are still in the vault or somewhere else alive, but you don’t know the location of the vault and nobody in New Orleans has ever heard of the vault, you and your uncle were the only former vault dwellers in New Orleans. So the quest is to find out the fate of your parents but you don’t know where to start. You know that your grandfather had a commercial riverboat business before the Great War as your uncle told you about it in passing so you assume that is what the key he left you is for so that seems to be a good place to start your quest, but you have never been to the dock where his boats were stored because it’s in a dangerous area and you have stayed in the relatively safe French Quarter your whole post-vault life. Your first quest is to go to a government building downtown to find a terminal to track down the dock location.
Main Quest part 2: Once you find the GRSC office and dock building, you find your grandfathers office on the upper floor. You find logs for trips he made to cities to cities up and down America’s inland rivers but the clients for many of the trips have been deleted which is suspicious. With no other leads, you find the address for another GRSC office in St Louis so you decide to head there to learn more about the seemingly suspicious activity he was involved in. Main Quest part 3: At the deck you find boats in need of repairs and fuel. You have to travel to many other Bayou wasteland locations for parts, including a fusion core factory to power the boat before you can travel up the river to the St Louis office Side Quest: A group of Chinese Soldiers had a settlement near the coast, but as decades passed, most had become ghouls. Their settlement becomes overrun by rad gators and they move inland. You can help them get admitted to the ghoul city, or you can be a patriot and take them out. If you befriend them, you can learn more background on the Chinese side of the war and get access to Chinese gear.

*Side Note 1: The Nuclear age hit Louisiana’s economy hard as the age of oil ended, putting many oil industry workers out of work. The fusion core factory opened to take advantage of this unemployed labor for cheap.

*Side Note 2: Many of New Orleans neighborhoods will be hit my dynamic/random flood events due to the flood control systems being unmanned since the war.

*Side Note 3: There are 2 salvageable boats at your grandfather’s dock. Each with different stats and styles. You can choose which one to make your personal boat. The other can become usable after meeting slavers in Act 2, or the Great Lakes traders in Act 3.

Act 2: The Arch.

Cut scene of you travelling up river passing by Memphis and the Nuka Cola Arena (the Pyramid arena IRL) as your radiation alarm goes off on your boat. You see no signs of life and too much radiation for there to be any humans, you go right. you keep going up the river until you see the Arch and signs off human activity and continue your quest to find the GRSC STL branch office.

Main Quest: The main quest takes you to the GRSC office which is across the street from the Solard beer factory (Budweiser IRL) next to the river in South St Louis. It appears that the beer factory was the only client from your grandfathers STL branch office so you head to the beer factory to search for more clues. You find your grandfather was shipping more than just grain to the beer factory with a clue leading you to go to a river dock in Kansas City

Here you make contact with a BOS base that is using the top of the arch as a communications tower. The BOS are looking to get supplies from their Chicago HQ, and agree to help you with your story mission as they see you have a boat and agree to take a shipment to Chicago but you must first earn their trust by completing some missions in the STL map. You seek help from the BOS to find a way to deal with the radiation in Kansas City you learned about. They say speak with Scribe (TBD) at the Chicago HQ about possibly acquiring power amour capable of withstanding KC’s radiation levels.

Side Quest: While in the St Louis region, you can find a large slavers camp in East St Louis. Do you make business arrangements with the slavers?, shipping slaves can be lucrative. Can you convince the BOS to help you destroy their camp and free the slaves? (Requires 100 speech skill to convince them, or 100 science skill to make them think there is technology to be looted at the base)

Side Quest: The local settlements have become over populated with “climate change refugees” moving east due to the great plains rad duststorms. This is causing tensions between the new and old residents as their resources are being stretched thin. You get involved

Act 3: Chicago, trade companies, ex-enclave and the Brotherhood.

Cut Scene: Your boat arrives at the river bank next to a very busy BOS base.

Secondary Quest: After completing the delivery to the Chicago HQ, you make contact with the Great Lakes Trading Company (GLTC). They are looking to expand their trade network inland (they currently have trade routes between great lakes cities like Detroit and Toronto). Do you join them, try to take them over, or peacefully compete with them? (Joining them opens up a new series of quests setting up trading posts for them in STL and NO, along with a new GLTC faction companion who is required to complete those quests) After the quest line is complete, you can assign that companion to your 2nd ship.

Main Quest: The brotherhood scribe in Chicago shows little interest in helping you, due to heavy losses in recent battle they have no gear or power armour to spare, even for somebody that is helping them with shipments like you, he hints that the battle took place in another state but doesn’t mention where. He does say that if you help the brotherhood take the eyebot factory on the other side of the city, that the brotherhood could look the other way, while you steal a power armour suit from the Liberty

At an eyebot factory in Chicago, you find an ex-enclave faction (Legion of Liberty ) With communication lost with the coasts and members which didn’t agree with the more “evil” ways of the coastal enclave, they have tried rebuilding Chicago with democracy and elections and want to spread this to other cities as they see themselves as the saviors of the Midwest wasteland. The brotherhood of steel, not really interested in elections and local problems, plans on taking the eyebot factory for the tech and enclave documents it holds, peacefully or by force if necessary.

At the eyebot factory, you learn of the enclaves Midwest hidden HQ underneath an Air Force base home to the stealth bombers (whiteman IRL) Using this stealth tech, the enclave at this location have been able to remain hidden but have not been in contact with the West Coast enclave, MODUS, or president Eden in many years.

Main Quest: The next location

Act 4: Kansas City. Enclave and Toxic Dust storms.

Secondary Quest: You make contact with the Enclave at Whiteman AFB. They want your help in re-establishing communication with other enclave bases. The BOS wants this base for all the stealth and other tech it contains. The “Ex-enclave” also want access to this base (reason TBD). They enclave there direct you to a Missile silo in the duststorm where you can find a satellite connection (or if you attack them, you learn of the missile silo from their records). When you make the connection from the silo to the satelite, you get a low quality live feed view of the earth. Most of the world is dark or covered in clouds so you can’t tell how many cities or countries are still inhabited or if any cities were not bombed, but a few cities such as New Vegas show up brightly. You can see a single city in China that is lit up (is it inhabited?), do you chose to send the silos only remaining intercontinental missile to this city as the enclave wishes? Or do you send it to Whiteman AFB to end the Enclave at the request of the B.O.S? Or do you disable it? Your characters personal reason for going to the silo and making the connection to the satellite is to get a data link to vault tech, to learn the location of your home vault. You will also have to find a way to stop the storms as they are blocking the communication link to the satellite.


Main Quest: Your main quest takes you to a river dock in Kansas City where you find mini nukes that were to be shipped by your grandfather according to the ledger; this leads your quest to the mini nuke factory in Kansas City. Why was your grandfather involved with shipping mini-nukes down the river, and what was their final destination? How was his involvement with the mini-nuke factory related to your grandfather being guaranteed

*Side Note 1: The Honeywell Nuclear bomb parts factory is in South Kansas City IRL, will be a mini-nuke factory in the game.

*Side Note 2: Humans have abandoned the Kansas City region due to the high radiation, and have set up a camp in the St Louis region. They will send you on quests to their abandoned towns to find people who stayed behind . Another person you will meet is an NCR party who came east to scout and make contact, but couldn’t return west because of the dust storms.

Act 5: Back Home.

You return home to New Orleans after finding information on the location of your childhood Vault. You can now discover what happened to your parents, what experiment was done in this vault? Did people continue living in the vault after you left? Are they still living there?


• Any city on the Mississippi, Missouri, or Ohio rivers could be a DLC location, as you can dock your boat at any of those locations to bring your mobile camp to any of these locations. And with Chicago on the Great lakes it also opens up Detroit and Canada regions for DLC locations too. And New Orleans being on the Gulf, means anywhere between Texas and Florida would be accessible. So the DLC opportunities are endless where you could bring your riverboat (mobile camp).

Gameplay Notes:

• Travel between cities: random encounters (similar to fallout 2 travelling by car)

• Your Riverboat: a traveling workshop base, companion base, customizable.


New Orleans

  • Large size map

  • Low and Medium difficulty

  • many new unique swamp related enemies and creatures


  1. Swamp Raiders

  2. Ghouls

  3. Swamp people

  4. French Quarter settlement members

  5. Chinese Ghouls

  6. Jazz themed faction in New Orleans

  7. Texas Rangers: A Texas based Army style faction on the western edge of the map.

Locations of Note:

  1. Vault where you were born

  2. French Quarter

  3. Great River Shipping Company Offices and Docks

  4. Fusion Core factory

  5. Ghoul City (Ghoul Orleans…)

St Louis

  • small size map

  • Medium difficulty


  1. Settlers : with sub-factions of refguess (driven east by rad storms) and the old residents.

  2. Slavers

  3. BOS outpost

  4. Amish. A group of farmers who are still living without technology like it’s the 1800s on their families pre-war farms.

  5. Casino Gang (Name TBD). They are operating a casino operation, as well as dealing chems out of an old riverboat casino (moat boat).

Locations of Note:

  1. Arch (BOS base)

  2. Large slaver trader base

  3. Super Mutant base

  4. Beer factory (the Budweiser factory IRL)

  5. Refugee settler’s camp

  6.  Riverboat Casino 
  7. Great River Shipping Company Dock and regional office.


  • Medium to high difficulty. Heavily Nuked city.


  1. Wrigleyville Raiders

  2. BOS Major base, Midwest Headquarters

  3. Legion of Liberty (Ex-enclave faction)

  4. Great Lakes Trading Company

  5. Gary, IN settlers (a chem addicted settlement with industrial pollution issues)

  6. Reavers ?

Locations of Note:

  1. Urban Core

  2. Lake Michigan

  3. Eyebot factory

  4.  Navy Pier (Great Lakes Trade company location) 

Kansas City

  • High difficulty

  • Large map, but mostly desolate with low visibly due to storms. High rads causes many high level radiated creatures to call the region home and many residents to become ghouls. Most residents have left region in past year to move east, see refugee camp in STL.

  • toxic dust bowl, (similar to dust bowl of 1930s, this is a toxic dust bowl between Kansas City and Texas, cutting off most communication and trade between the middle and west portions of the country.


  1. ghouls

  2. Enclave at base

  3. Humans left behind during migration out of region.

Locations of Note:

  1. Whiteman AFB. A base built for stealth. Enclave has used stealth to remain hidden here

  2. Missile Silos. You need to go through the high rad level dust storms to reach a silo that has a working uplink to a satellite.

  3. Abandoned settlements by humans who left due to rising radiation levels brought by dust storms.

  4. Mini-Nuke factory (Honeywell factory IRL)


They each have their own quest line and each can eventually run trade routes for you on your 2nd riverboat (minus dogmeat) New Orleans:

• Dogmeat

• Ghoul who wants to get out of NO. (only member who you can assign to create trade route to Kansas City as he isn’t effected by the radiation there)

St Louis

• Slaver faction ( can assign to your 2nd boat to run slave trade route to “the pitt” for high income after completing side quest line, but this makes you unliked by most other factions)

• BOS member (can assign to your 2nd boat to run a BOS trade route between STL and Chicago, medium income, mixed effects from other factions. Chicago

• Ex-enclave member (can assign to your 2nd boat to spread word of democracy and trade aid items, mixed effects from other factions)

• Great Lakes Trade Co member ( can assign to your 2nd boat to run trade route between Chicago and New Orleans for low income, no effect on other factions)

Game Themes

• I see this as close to Fallout 1, little before 2 timeline wise vs the much later Fallout 3/4, to place this story close enough to the war that you have pre-war family ties, but also lets you build upon the lore of the older games that many new fallout fans may not know. • Origin story of the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel • Economic control of the Mid-US river system. You, Great Lakes TC, Slavers, casino gang, and others with economic interests vs military interests. Those with caps (money)have the real power in this region at this time. • Enclave leave Midwest for west coast base (to join the oil rig before fallout 2) • Migrants and Refugees (Rad Dustbowl refuguess, Ghouls moving to New Orleans, Chinese Ghouls)

Name of Game

To be determined. I could use some help on this actually. Game is set between FO 1 and 2, so calling it FO5 doesnt make sense. It's also set in 4 maps, so calling it Fallout: New Orleans is too narrow of a name. Maybe something like "Tales from the river: A fallout story". Cheesiest name I came up with is Fallout: Ghoul Orleans and have your character be a ghoul.


Your Grandfather

Was involved with secretive business deals with vault tech. At first it appears he was just another greedy man doing it for the money, but the farther you go into the story you realize he was blackmailed into smuggling goods up and down the rivers for vault tech to ensure his family was able to get into a vault. Your grandfather never made it to the vault, as he was at the Kansas City Mini nuke factory when the bombs fell. Your grandmother and her son (your uncle) made it to the vault while she was 6 months pregnant so your father was born in the vault. He married your mom who was also born in the vault and you are their only child

What was your vaults experiment?

To Be Determined

What happened to your parents

To Be Determined

What was your uncle’s secret?

That he knew your parents were still alive when you left the vault but never told you , His journal says it was to protect you. He figured out what the vaults secret experiment was and left the vault with you to save you from it, but did so without your parents knowledge

Fate of Brotherhood

You can help them eliminate the Legion of Liberty, the enclave at whiteman or you can sabotage their efforts.

Fate of Legion of Liberty

Small in numbers, you can help the BOS eliminate them, or you can help strengthen them

Bayou Ghouls

You can broker a peace between the French Quarter and the Ghoul city, Ghoul City and the Chinese Ghouls, or you can help one faction wage war against the other


A base that is small in numbers and has lost communication with other enclave factions . They have very powerful gear, they are a hard foe to beat, but the rewards are also big. If you side with them(why would you do that?), you can nuke the BOS Chicago HQ or you can Nuke Beijing again. If you side against them, you can disable the nuke or send it to take out an enclave base in another region The cacon ending hasthe few remaining enclave flee to the west coast oil rig! (unlike 76, you can only use the nuke 1 time<


To Be Determined by the player. You are given access to broker peace between different factions in different cities, but also given the power to help push them to war. You are also given access to your grandfathers riverboat shipping company, do you use it solely for greed to make money any way possible, including shipping slaves, or do you use it to help a certain faction such as shipping goods for the BOS, or do you use the company for good, by helping ship aid and food to settlements along the rivers

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