My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)

fallout 6 - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)


per kinda popular demand from this post:

here's my Fallout New Vegas Tour I did last year. Fallout has always been close to my heart. Played all of the old school ones when I was younger, including less favourable Tactics. Then, as an entry job to gamedev, I was testing Fallout 3 and later on translating parts of Fallout New Vegas to Polish. This trip was long time dream for me and I tried to squeeze in as much as possible with keeping my gf happy = visiting other (non-Fallout related) landmarks around CA, NV, UT and AZ.

I'll be using
Fallout Wiki - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)Fallout Wikia to refer to in-game locations. When needed, I'll add some comments and overall impressions. At the end, I'm gonna link entire album with additional photos from the surroundings to give you the feel of the California and Nevada setting. I was surprised how close the atmosphere was in the game to actual locations with some of them giving a huge post-apo feeling the moment you've arrived.

Below are pictures without any particular order. Also, I did not try to take pictures at certain angles to have a picture for picture comparison with the game. I assume most of you will be able to associate the real life location with in-game location. Some won't be showing any particular landmarks but for me, they were in line with FNV overall atmosphere.

Let's start from the roads. My visit took place in June so I was expecting high temperatures but not scorching heat. Temperature indicator in the car very often showed over 45 Celsius degrees with the highest reaching 48.

Some roads, especially in Nevada, looked like this – https://imgur.com/jEq2m7H and https://imgur.com/xAqgMVV.

This is Badwater Basin which showed us from the get go that it's gonna be hot and not a lot of water around – https://imgur.com/hmLIxeq,
https://imgur.com/AoR0d4e and
O9qyQDF - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/O9qyQDF
. Funny thing is, some places we were getting into (parks, canyons), rangers were controlling us in terms of water – 1 galon per 2 people on a daily basis.

Even though there's no Badwater Basin in FNV, for me it was giving me the vibe of in-game Ivanpah Dry Lake
https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Ivanpah_Dry_Lake or El Dorado Dry Lake
El Dorado Dry Lake - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)

This is Bonnie Springs where we've spent the night. Actual name is Bonnie Springs Ranch and it is ranch, restaurant and probably was much more back in the day.

urRj4CH - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/urRj4CH, https://imgur.com/aXcw19T, https://imgur.com/f4sMZhM, https://imgur.com/dDc7YGu

In-game Bonnie Springs is here – https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Bonnie_Springs

Next is Hoover Dam – and let me tell you, as in the game – it's huge. And, since there's little to no shade, it's a pain in the ass to walk around it. Also, it's filled with people all the time. A few pictures from the Dam – https://imgur.com/kz9jR0u, https://imgur.com/EdQpUcA,
ELAFZkl - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/ELAFZkl
GMkxkpa - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/GMkxkpa

Hoover Dam in the gamehttps://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Hoover_Dam

Next, it's the game beginning – Goodsprings and let me tell you, it was fun to see this sight, I immediately got my bearing 😉 – https://imgur.com/bnCZE3M

A few more from Goodsprings (it's a relatively small town, not a lot of things going on). –
629Px07 - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/629Px07
– no radroaches, https://imgur.com/qDdec8M, https://imgur.com/1OUfRpX, https://imgur.com/XrOnbHI, https://imgur.com/Lr7ki2C, https://imgur.com/hkIhHGU, https://imgur.com/Up3UgcF, https://imgur.com/Y2F3yB4, https://imgur.com/lcSyviu.


The Pioneer Saloon serves a neat burger too –

In-game Goodsprings
Goodsprings - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Goodsprings

Next is Nipton – almost a ghost town, we didn't see any people apart from the girl at the store. But it also had a lot of post-apo vibe with abandoned scenes. Pics of Nipton – https://imgur.com/113Q7W4, https://imgur.com/wO93oBd, https://imgur.com/rbkH57b, https://imgur.com/GSACJlw, https://imgur.com/bCQoW94, https://imgur.com/N0zhsAF,
https://imgur.com/7KQGM2e. No Nuka Cola in any of those 🙁 –
Zd9yuu8 - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/Zd9yuu8
, https://imgur.com/eoZKa3K.

The moment I saw the car I was grinning like a kid. Didn't have anything to blow it up with though.

https://imgur.com/T7pmvaU, https://imgur.com/cwuLKkz

More Nipton – https://imgur.com/aa9paHo, https://imgur.com/eKZD0Gw, https://imgur.com/5IJwnjM, https://imgur.com/oHal35d, https://imgur.com/Md9HxyU

In-game Nipton

Next is Primm which is a larger town, not a lot of locations that resemble post-apo vibe but hell, we had to spend a night here, at Bison Steve Hotel! I mean, Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino –
TzUjWnK - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/TzUjWnK

It is incredibly similar to the Bison Steve Hotel, with logos, roller coaster and building facade.

Few more pics from outside and inside, yes, there's a casino town inside the hotel.

KNeUMWx - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/KNeUMWx
, https://imgur.com/TmFwF9R, https://imgur.com/jcX8DzY, https://imgur.com/gFux7Xd, https://imgur.com/cmI0Piw

Being close to Bison Steve Hotel, we went to Whiskey Pete's (https://imgur.com/QiDyY3F) which in game was called Vikki and Vance Casino. Casino itself is nothing spectacular but of course they had on the display this – https://imgur.com/pJxCJ0u which is in the game and in fact is a card that Bonnie and Clyde drove in. https://imgur.com/o00vobu and https://imgur.com/z46CE10

In-game Bison Steve Hotelhttps://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Bison_Steve_Hotel

Next is HELIOS One (real-life name is Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System). Of course we couldn't get close to it, security reasons, however, you can see it from afar. Few pics with glaring from the mirrors.

https://imgur.com/W6iNSrJ and
8kiP9HP - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)

In-game HELIOS One
HELIOS One - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)

Last location that is easily associated with FNV is of course Dinky the T-REX that is actually a roadside dinosaur attraction called Cabazon Dinosaurs.

V206PWu - My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)https://imgur.com/V206PWu and https://imgur.com/9fsxD7F and also, no Boone or Manny there.

As I've mentioned, there are more pictures in the album –
https://imgur.com/a/V67NnQj – those show overall post-apo vibe, landscapes and flora of the region. Those places are Cima ghost town, Joshua Tree Park, Bryce Canyon, Roy's Cafe, random ghost towns on the way.

Should you have any questions, I'm happy to answer those – might take some time though, depending on the time zone.

I hope you liked it and I hope I encouraged some of you to go and visit some time – totally worth it!

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