My favorite Fallout 4 Character Build I’ve ever done.

fallout 1 - My favorite Fallout 4 Character Build I've ever done.

Sole Survivor playthrough. Sounds boring right? Hear me out. The SS is a PTSD riddled war vet who was honorably discharged after extensive injuries that left him covered in burns and scars. When he arrived home to his wife he struggled with adjusting to society as a civilian. He was schedule to make a speech at the veterans hall about the horrors of war. But more importantly the impact it has on those who are coming home. But when the bombs fell he was rushed to the vault. And excited 210 years later to see the world has fallen once again into a war torn landscape.

Survival mode is a must here as it creates the various circumstances for the roleplay to really flourish. No fast travel, easy death, ect.

So after exiting the vault, stricken by grief at his wifes death, the SS training kicks in. He isnt in suburban Boston anymore. He finds codsworth and explains the situation. Urging him to remain calm and help him find Shaun. After being pointed to Concord he sees Preston's and the minutemen in trouble and uses his training to subdue the raiders. At this point it really begins to set in the gravity of his situation and he goes wild looking for Shaun to save him from this apocalyptic future. He is resolute in this mission but due to his military training he knows he needs to prepare before he can move across essentially foreign territory. He will spend a few days setting up a "base camp" at the red rocket and gathering scrap and supplies for the journey to Diamond City. After he is prepared and ready he will set off on this mission to find his son, with dogmeat as his companion.

During this initial journey he will meet snd help Dance at the police station and Arc Jet and will view them as a form of order in the chaos of the world and treat him respectfully because of this. But he wont join the brotherhood because at this given moment he is focused on finding Shaun. But he leaves, currently on good terms with Dance.

From there it's pretty straight forward until you find and kill Kellog. He reveals that Shaun, the SS reason for fighting is as far as he knows, now beyond his reach in the institute. After this he breaks. He develops an addiction for booze and drugs and takes on odd jobs as a merc, utilizing his talents being of the few people in the wasteland with actual formal military combat training. He purchased home plate and bases out of diamond city collecting scrap and dong side quests for a while, resolute to the idea that his son is gone. His wife is gone. And he is alone. While drinking his sorrows away one day he hears a guard in diamond city mention the combat zone and decides to head there and see what he can scavenge for caps. After fighting the hordes of raiders he meets cait and takes on her contract.

Cait is his ideal companion, paired with dogmeat using mods. She is equally as distant and approves of his ferocity and drug use. The two of them form an incredibly effective mercenary team. Their relationship grows into both friendship and if you so choose more as they continue to work together and trust one another. Around this time they recieve the distress signal for the robot attack. After investigating and subduing the robot threat they speak to Ada and are informed of the Mechanists plan and they help investigate general atomics, killing thr robobrain and learning more about the mechanists plot. Initially the SS and Cait will be walk away at this point, seeing no benefit in helping Ada from their perspective. However after this encounter there becomes a large influx of robot attacks and rust devil attacks in the commonwealth. After a few weeks they return to Ada and agree to help. As they progress through the DLC there is a shift in the SS character. He starts to regain some of his hope in the world as he for the first time since waking up is making a real difference.

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After unmasking the mechanist and helping her track down and kill the rogue robots the SS ha sa fire that becomes ignited in him as his new goal becomes clear. He may not have been able to save his family and world. But he can rebuild this one to be better. Having rejected Preston Garvey's original offer to become the general of the minutemen he returns to Sanctuary with new ideals. Orginally Cait is miffed by this change if heart. But around this time her personal mission is completed and she starts to see and understand your want to protect this world. Together he works with Preston to rebuild and protect the commonwealth. All of this culminating to taking down who the SS views as the biggest threat to the Commonwealth. The Institute.

Eventually he will revisit Dance in the Police Station viewing them as a potential ally for his forces against the Institute. But after arriving on the Prydwen and meeting Maxson he will see that while he respects Dance, Maxsons views and genocidal tendencies, while in the cases of super mutants is understandable, is too extreme and leaves no room for variation or changes in the equation. The SS realizes that the Brotherhood represents the second threat to Commonwealth. He returns to Garvey and orders him to move forward without help from the Brotherhood.


At this time they infiltrate the Institute. When the SS arrives and meets Shaun his world is crushed. The child he had is gone and become a monster who is beyond reason or redemption. He spares father initially and leaves the institute, mentally scarred, but vowing to father that if he chooses to pursue a fight against the commonwealth. He and the minutemen would be there to stop them…

After this the Castle is attacked and the SS takes this as Shaun's response to his warning. Begrudgingly and with a heavy heart he enters the Institute, finds Father, his child and only remaining tie to his old life, and shoots him before blowing the institute to pieces. He also destroys the Brotherhood to prevent them from filing the power vaccum left in the institute's destruction.

When this happens he will fall back to bottle and as a result push Cait away due to her not being about that anymore. He tells Garvey he needs a leave and puts him in control Temporarily as he travels with Dogmeat to try and deal with the consequences of killing his son.

During this time Nick calls on him for help with a case. He and Nick travel to far harbor and upon meeting all 3 of the factions there he sees that the island is on the brink of war. He views the Children of Atom as crazy zealots, but has since lost the stomach for taking out groups of people after his war in the Commonwealth. He finds evidence of DiMas treachery and in an effort to spare his own soul and maintain peace in Far Harbor he convinces him to tell the people of Far Harbor what he has done. Unfortunately when he does this they turn on him and seige Acadia and go to war with the CoA. After inadvertently causing another Genocide. He goes back to being a wandering merc and drinking heavily. Preston asks him many times to return but he ultimately chooses not too.

Eventually he finds his way to the Nuka world transit station and sees its filled with Gunners. He kills them and finds Harvey. After helping him he tells the SS about the trap at Nuka World and the SS, who is still inherently trying to be a good person goes to confront them. When he does arrive and fights his way through the Gauntlet, eventually reaching Cola Cars. He sees a vast horde of raiders around him and his stomach wrenches with fear for the people of the Commonwealth but also with rage. After all his fighting, all his sacrifices, there is always another threat. Always another genocide he is forced to endure and commit. He kills Colter and Gage tells him the offer. He realizes that he isnt gonna win if he tries to fight them now. Despite his training and experience he is not match for a 100+ raiders. The SS walks around the park, speaking to the raider bosses. The pack and operators, while he still disgusts them, are just run of the mill raiders to him in their ideals. However upon entering the disciples base of operations, his stomach drops with horror at their disgusting habits. Something he had only ever seen with super mutants, but worse. At least the mutants did it as a way if getting food. These people did it for pleasure. They enjoyed it…

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The SS leaves and returns to Garvey. He asks the survivor why he came back. He tells him they have one last enemy to fight before this is all over and the Commonwealth can truly be at peace. Utilizing the FCOM mod the SS, Garvey and the entirety of the Minutemens forces will storm Nuka World in one giant seige of raiders and Minutemen they will one by one kill of the raider bosses. And when they finally reach the disciples the SS will tell his men to wait outside. Only he and Garvey will enter this den of hell. The two of them will fight their way through the disciples and finally he will kill Neesha. Ending the threat before it truly began.

The SS frees the slaves in Nuka World and despite his crippling PTSD at all he has experienced he now is affirmed in his place in the world. He is the one who will take the brunt of what this world has to offer. He will continue to fight for a better world and protect the Commonwealth from those who might harm it. Even as it slowly tears away at him. In the end he comes a fearless but burdened leader. Protecting his people at the cost of his own sanity. At the end of his life I'd like to believe he will be celebrated and looked at as a protector to the weak and the embodiement of remaining strong in the face if adversity. He was the Sole Survivor, and this is his story.

This was the best playthrough I have ever done. A large part of this playthrough is the survival mode. Having to physically walk everywhere makes you really experience the world and its hardships. As well as giving you that feeling of being one man against a world he doesn't belong in. Hope you all enjoyed this recap of my SS playthrough.

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