My First Experience with FO76 and Its Community… Nearly Brought a Tear to My Eye

fallout 3 - My First Experience with FO76 and Its Community... Nearly Brought a Tear to My Eye

So I stumbled out of Vault 76 late last week…

Truth be told I purchased the game last Friday after finishing most of a fifth of Tullamore DEW and mumbling to myself that I'd never buy "that shtupid game". This, after a life-long love affair with the Fallout franchise dating back to FO1. So, like a bad Vegas cliche, I woke up the next day married to Fallout 76.

Having nothing left to do now but give the "shtupid game" a try, I fired it up and went through the next few hours a newb, doing newb things and making newb mistakes. The first few players I came across were of my low level and only a few of them attacked me with baseball bats… wearing nothing but their whitey-tighties. No problem… being locked up for 25 years can take its toll on some people.

But things started to change after reaching Flatwoods. The first player in power armor came thumping into the tavern with the Responder terminals and I thought, "Um… shit". I tried my best to ignore them, as if I somehow didn't make eye contact they'd not notice me. No such luck.

I was scrolling through my meager inventory, waiting to be one-shotted when I noticed them doing something odd over the top of my PipBoy. They kept aiming their (impressively massive) rifle at the ground in front of them. Some time passed before I heard the click, click, click of them turning their headlamp on and off. They were illuminating a paper bag at their feet.


I was floored. They weren’t going to murder me… not only that, they were giving me a sack lunch! A sack lunch of dog food, purified water, bullets, grenades and C.A.M.P. plans. I half expected a note from Mom wishing me good luck on my first day at school. It was nice… it was very nice.

A few hours later I was running up the highway north of Flatwoods and saw a junkyard in the distance and before I knew it I was given the quest to claim the junkyard as mine. We all know what this means now, but my last-weekend-self had no idea what would happen after starting up the workbench. I was told that I’d be attacked by other players as well as being attacked by regular baddies. I fought off the first wave of scorched and waited. Soon I heard the thumping of power armor again, but this time it was a team of three in decked out, hot-rod X-01s. Okay… now I’m dead for sure.

And… nope. Not only did they not waste me outright, they helped to obliterate the next two waves in an impressive display of firepower. I barely had time to wave my thanks before they gathered me up for what must have been a hilarious group picture, me standing dumb-faced next to them in my vault suit and mismatched raider/leather armor. And as quickly as they came they were gone… leaving me wondering exactly what weird MMO I had purchased in a drunken haze. But, if the community stays mostly like the one I had the pleasure to play with as I did last weekend… I’m glad I did.

TL; DR: I had a surprisingly good first experience with the Vault 76 community and I hope it continues.

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