My first in-game experience with this wonderful helping community!

fallout 3 - My first in-game experience with this wonderful helping community!

I was like a lot of people who got swayed by all the bad reviews when this game first released, but then got hooked on the free weekend, picked it up and have been loving it ever since. I'm on PC btw. I hopped on these threads after getting into the game and was seeing post after post of all these stories of people helping each other, adventuring together, and having great times together. I haven't been messed with by anyone at all (save for a group of 3 guys dressed up in the beaver costume who showed up, pulled guns on me, and asked me to empty my pockets, which I promptly ignored and went on my merry way). (Come to think of it, it was right after a nukashine bender… was it all in my head…am I losing my mind?) I haven't had one of these helpful experiences yet either and was starting to wonder if all those stories are true? They can't all be made up right?

Well, last night it happened. I was just running down my open quests and got the the Arktos Pharma Lab quest. I didn't realize it was for level 50+ as I was only level 16 but I was still exploring and looting around the lab. I'm used to random people wondering around me, passing by, doing their own thing and whatnot, so when a level 364 came by I initially paid him no mind. He waved, I waved back, then continued to scavenge. But then I got down to the elevator down to the lab and he was waiting for me there and was emoting to follow him. This was it.


So I followed him in, wasn't 100% sure what to do at first as this was my first time going through the lab. But he was patient, guided me through, and through emotes and moving/shooting, told me to shoot the enemies then he would finish them off for me so I could get the xp. Once we had that down it was off to the races! We started mowing down the enemies and went right on through the mission. Ended up finishing it off with a level 100 3* Sheepsquatch which was awesome! Seeing all this really makes me want to play even more to get to the point where I can fight these insane West Virginia creatures!

After we finished, I was level 19 thanks to all the xp, got a bunch of new gear, finished the quest, and as a little icing on the cake, he even dropped a fully repaired/upgraded level 20 shotgun, 1000 shells and some junk for me. We parted ways and of course with all the excitement I forgot to add him, lol. What an awesome guy and an awesome time! Now I got a taste of what this game is all about, and believe you me I will be paying it forward!

So to that mystery vault dweller that guided me through all this and helped me out, There will always be some purified water, cooked meats, and a warm bed for you at my CAMP. Cheers everyone, and happy rebuilding!

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