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So I when I saw the Challenge to get the "Sole Survivor" pistol I had mixed feelings. How am I going to complete 20 events in the most toxic wasteland there is, I can't bring my main character cause even with the 800 stash limit I still have a bunch of resources on my char. So I change to my 9 lvl pistol build character and log into Survival.

As I spawn, I look around to see where I am, instantly crouching. My camp is at the bridge between Sunshine Meadows and Hillbilly Hotdogs, where I can build under the bridge for a true Survival feeling, so this is where I spawn, I transfer all my junk in the stash and as well as all of the aid but a few stimpaks, radaways, food and water. "Let's claim the Sunshine Meadows farm workshop, to see if the defends counts as an event" I walk there slowly, I know it's a huge map and only 24 players in but it still felt like everyone was there to kill me, especially when there was one guy getting kill after kill after kill. I noticed he was just having his friend feed him, it was a kill every 30 seconds, he had 24 kills in 10 minutes since I logged in.

The workshop is unclaimed, I pay the fee to claim it, hiding in a corner. After it's captured I stay still, waiting for the defense event to start. As the event starts, a 82lvl player in power armor approaches "ok I'm done" I think as I walk backwards while looking at him. He flashes the Thumbs Up emote, "I guess I got nothing to lose" I stay and he invited me to the team. I realised he just wanted to do the events too. So i keep following him, doing some solo events.

One of the events was about defending an airport, close to Charleston, I fast travel there and there's turrets everywhere, taking me down. I didn't even touch anything. I fast travel again to pick up my stuff, which the workshop owner didn't pick up. I see him taking his turrets down, so I can walk in without getting killed. It surprised me tbh.


Then we move on to "Path to Enlightment", we are about 3 minutes in when I here sheep sounds, "is this the Sheepquatch?", ofc not, it's just a lvl 150+ player running around in a sheep mask, making sheep sounds with the mic open, "wow, survival sure is deadly" I think. We finish the event and we instantly travel to the Morgantown airport for the event there, it's already 80% over, so it completed as we arrive. I see my friend travel to his camp while I stay there. I stay still as I check my phone for a while, before I knew it, a guy who was also doing the Morgantown Airport event shoots and kills me, picks my stuff and travels away so I that I have no chance to get my revenge, there is no way I can get revenge.

I travel to hillibily hotdogs so I can walk to my camp. There is a guy by the side of the bridge, crouching over my camp, looks like he's camping for the camp owner(me), i crouch behind him, hes not moving. "Should I kill him? He's not even looking, it's not fair. Doesn't matter he's camping to kill me", so I vats on his head with my best pistol and start shooting as my heart beats fast. Everything collapses when I see the worst message I could see at the time "Pacifist mode is on". SCREW ME!, The guy turns around and two shots me(he was just 22 lvl). "Well I guess I deserved that"

All in all, it was a fun experience, besides some 16yo having fun with killing me while I am afk looking at the ground, and the inclusion of Pacifist mode in the Survival (which would have maybe netted me a kill if it wasn't enabled). It feels like a hostile wasteland, as it should be, but with people acting like they would fr. Some would be insecure enough to camp someone at his camp or kill him while he's not paying attention, while others would be willing to form relationships and work with others towards a common goal. I'm still at 9/20 events, hopefully I can finish the rest tomorrow.

I'm not great at transferring an experience through words, so thank you if you read it all.

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