My First Time with the Mothman (Fallout 76)

fallout 2 - My First Time with the Mothman (Fallout 76)

So here I was, wandering around the Forest wearing my Fire Breathers uniform and Cultist Mask like a boss, heading down to Charleston Fire Dept. to sell some crap I've been gathering up. This was during the times before the patches mind you so I couldn't store much of the things I wanted. Could've just went to Flatwoods but I was at Summerville Dam so whatever.

Anyways, I was hauling my loot til something hit me from behind, usually it's either some random ghoul that ran up from behind by surprise or the game acting stupid and I got attacked by nothing. With rifle in hand I turned around, nothing was there. Figuring either the two I turned back around and behold this mother fu*ker sitting right in front of me on a rock; The Mothman.

Thing was big, bigger than I was expecting. Black smoke was coming out from it, glowing red eyes (which fun fact according to the developers its eyes changes color from red being hostile), I was pretty freaked out. Once tried to summon the Wise Mothman solo but failed, but now he's here sitting right in front of me a few feet away. Now I was at around LV20 with a simple hunting rifle at the time while the Mothman was at LV35 so I thought that if it attacked, it was going to kick my ass hard.

I slowly sneaked around it, all while it kept its eyes on me as it turned in unison as I crept around it which I'll give props to the developers to adding that little creep factor to it. I suddenly got the balls to decide that I was going to fight it, got the ammo and if I die I could just respawn and fetch my junk back, no big deal. So I aimed my rifle, carefully aimed between its eyes, pulled the trigger and landed myself a hit.

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…Then I shot it again…and again…and again…all while this was happening the Mothman was just sitting there doing nothing but looking at me while it took damage. It even slipped off of its rock from me shooting at it. Till finally, one last shot, killed it. I just stood there over the dead corpse of a giant moth as I looted its wings and whatever scrap it had with it and all the slight fear and excitement I felt over seeing the Mothman just melted right then and there and turned into disappointment.

This was the Mothman, a creature that was supposed to be built into the game as this creepy entity that stalks you from the shadows, vanishing into mist before you could shoot it or kill it, waiting for the right moment to attack you when you least expect it. Here however I have a giant moth that just got killed by some jackass with a piss poor rifle as it stood there like a retard with a ticking timb bomb on its lap.

That was the last time I ever saw the Mothman, now at over LV60 I have little worry over it now. Whenever I get that damn bug of getting attacked once by nothing and look around however, there's a bit of me that sort of want to see and fight the Mothman again. Heard there was something called a "Vengeful Mothman" and could only be seen through an event. I could see it now as a form of poetic justice for the Mothman. Came to me looking for a friend, only for me to shoot it till it died, and either it somehow survived or the Son/Father of Mothman saw this murder and aims for sweet revenge against me.

All I have to say for that is…bring it on…and don't glitch out like you did last time for the love of Atom.

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