My FNV Player Character, Soleil (MASSIVE EARLY TO NEAR ENDGAME SPOILERS) Insp by u/Klums2

fallout 5 - My FNV Player Character, Soleil (MASSIVE EARLY TO NEAR ENDGAME SPOILERS) Insp by u/Klums2

Hi! I was inspired by a post by u/Klums2 to write out my FNV Player Character’s backstory My character’s backstory includes thing not implemented in game as well as modded content, and I have labeled in the section, Specifics, which parts are not gameplay or are gameplay, as well as there should be obvious parts where there are non-gameplay story elements. There may also be canonical errors as I have logged many hours in the game but have not sorted out what has been removed or changed since FO1 and FO2.

TL;DR the backstory has non-gameplay elements and gameplay elements in it.

Ex-Raider and some what of a well known gambler. Born to a family in the NCR, and worked the ranch until her parents were wrongfully executed by the NCR for murder of some politician. Worked with the raiders from time to time at the age of 13-14, especially with the Jackals, to the point where she even had her teeth sharpened but never went cannibal cause the groups she ran with always died. She quit raiding at the age of 18 after watching her partner and their newborn die to a rival raider group. Resorted to drinking and settle down for a year in New Reno and worked for the Bishops. Finally became a courier for some extra gambling money and went to work for the Mojave Express under a false name, Ann Jacquelyn, he real name being Soleil with no last name occasionally using a the Jackal’s name as a last name (i.e Soleil Jack). At the age of 20 she got a delivery for along with several other couriers and was shot by Benny. She saved Goodsprings from the PG, Raided the NCRCF for the sake of the wasteland, as she dislikes the NCR, and convinced the Vault 19 PG to turn themselves in She later began working for both the NCR and the Legion. She would work for both until she found Benny which she proceed to have sex with him and kill him in his sleep as she did when she was a raider. Went to the Fort and met with Caesar, upgraded the Securitrons and murder everyone in the Fort as well as irradiating Cottonwood Cove so it would no longer be viable as a base, and saved the Wests. She would then go on to kill House, Big Sal, Nero, Mortimer. She would earned the right to be called a Knight of the Brotherhood, as well as meet their previous Elder in that damned hotel, while saving 3 other survivors. Meet the Think Tank and settle their qualms with Mobius and travel to ruins that could have been a new start for America, only to find the previous courier who had turned down the job she had taken, and travel with him (modded). Helped out at Jacobstown and made good friends with Marcus. And right now she’s resting at the Lucky 38, sleeping till the next morning.

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Specifics: She’s 5’4” (Fictional) weighs 120 lbs (Fictional) Has had 2 children. (1st died 2nd living named, Ben ironically, father is Benny, currently at Lucky 38, Fictional not gameplay) Still sharpens her teeth in honor of her partner who was a Jackal along side her. (Fictional) Ulysses is her travel partner(modded gameplay) Carries the Medicine Stick, Sleepytyme, and the Courier’s Grand .50 (Courier’s Grand .50 is a gun from Dust). She is a master of guns and HtH with some experience in Melee weapons. Is Bi and prefers Men. She started with Very evil Karma but is slowly raising her Karma up to Very Good. (Currently Low end of Good) Loves: close to mid range gunfights, Her son Ben, Her parents, her custom 50 cal rifle, her bullets, alcohol, gambling, Jacobstown, Marcus, Ulysses, The Khans Hates: Admitting she’s wrong, chems other than Steady, the Legion, The Enclave, The enemy’s bullets, gun jams, Iguana on a stick, Iguana in general, the Fiends.

Sorry this is so long, I love FO1, FO2, and FNV massively and so I created an actual character based on lore and made sure things don’t sound too out there. Either way thanks for reading this!

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