My Gun Shop Now Thrives with Pawn and Cap Loans!

fallout 76 discussion and inform - My Gun Shop Now Thrives with Pawn and Cap Loans!


A couple of months ago, I decided to open up a gun shop and provide gun building and gun modding along with legendary gun sales, many of which I acquire on various trading forums including Reddit. But my business barely grew, even after advertising on various Fallout 76 Facebook groups. Several of those who contacted me for a specific legendary gun didn’t have enough caps for the purchase and said they would come back later when they had enough caps. Many never returned. I guess they found something else at a lower price or gave up trying altogether.

Then it dawned on me! “Why let these potential customers out of my grasp?”, I said to myself. They all had some caps and those caps could be used as a down payment on the gun and the remaining cap balance I could finance to them with interest! Now I can make caps not only on the sale of the gun, but also the interest I charge the customer to finance the balance due on the gun!

It worked! My new loan services quickly sent my business upward. New customers were stunned that they could walk out of my shop with the gun of their dreams with only a down payment and regular payments to me to pay off the balance.

With my increasing cap revenue, I could now keep buying guns to resale and soon I found myself flush with caps from my expanding business. I then started to offer pawn shop services, whereby customers could either drop off guns and/or other items as collateral for a cap loan or I would buy low end guns from them at pawn shop rates.


My regular customers are allowed to get cap loans at 10 percent interest for items they want to purchase outside of my shop. For instance, one of my regular customers who always paid off his loans on time, borrowed 10,000 caps so he could quickly buy up plans for a new character he was leveling up and didn’t want to wait to get the plans he needed for his new character. He paid back the loan on time and I made 1000 caps to boot from the interest!

Now let’s keep something in mind about my character’s gun finance and loan business. Although he his generous to finance guns and grant loans to most who apply – he doesn’t tolerate anyone who decides to skip out on paying back a loan and the consequences are harsh. First time loan customers are warned that I have retained the services of two special “collectors” and it’s in the customer’s best interest to pay back the loan for they don’t want these two psychopaths showing up at their CAMP looking for my caps. I won’t elaborate what will happen from there. After all it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

Oh, and so-far, none of my customers have defaulted on a loan!

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