My hope: They treat the soon-to-open Vaults as Dungeons

fallout 8 - My hope: They treat the soon-to-open Vaults as Dungeons

As the title says, I really hope they treat the soon-to-be open Vaults as Dungeons or something similar and don't just half-ass it as a new public area to explore with everyone blowing through it within the first hour and getting bored. The perfect "end-game" content this game would provide are these "randomized" Vaults that are so huge that they take a decent amount of time to fully explore.

It is not public but instanced, only you and your current team may walk through the Vault together. Or go it alone if you are brave. Being full of puzzles, locked doors, and rooms full of (randomized) goodies to claim. With either many mini-bosses with the big boss at the end or just the one super-boss with normal enemies scattered throughout.

"The Vaults in Appalachia, home to some of the most controversial experiments Vault-Tec have conducted, are now decrepit and locked up tight by the previous residents. Now these Vaults are being opened by some curious explorers with special Pip-Boys looking for a way to rebuild society. With the security as tight as it is, were they trying to keep the Raiders and Scavers out or keep something far more dangerous in…?"


What would you guys hope for?

Edit: Ideas for the Vault Bosses;

Vault 96 (South Savage Divide): ???, not much is known about it so I can't make a theoretical boss.

Vault 94 (Northwest Mire): Honey Beast Queen, dubbed "Mother Nature", source of the honey beasts that plague the Mire and the vines that strangle it. This FEV evolved woman has made the nature of the Mire her own, using the various flora and fauna she has created to attack all intruders.

Vault 63 (South Ash Heap): Mole Miner Manager, dubbed "Big Boss", is the most powerful and wise among the other Miners. Unlike the other Miners that were mutated within their suits, "Big Boss" was mutated within his Prototype Excavator Power Armor and has learned to integrate the other heavy mining machinery into the suit creating a true mechanized monstrosity.


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