My hopes for all Bethesda games in the coming future

fallout 7 - My hopes for all Bethesda games in the coming future

I really hope for Elder Scrolls VI they decide to get rid of all the people and side quests and replace them with an empty world filled with radiant quests. Also I hope they make it so weapons are locked under level caps so I cant be too overpowered since it really helps pad out the gameplay. So many hours of gameplay! Also it needs micro transactions. No self respecting game company makes a game without micro transactions! It really helps keep the developer stay afloat since they really are squeezing by on the budget for these games. Skyrim made barely any money for Bethesda and I really hope they wise up and release that Toaster Edition we're all waiting for! Also BATTLE ROYAL MODE!


Also my least favorite part of Bethesda games has always been the stories and characters. They just talk about boring shit that I don’t care about, and I don’t even get a new weapon skin out of it. Bethesda is finally starting to head in the right direction.

PS: I forgot to mention that I hope they release all future titles on Bethesda.net. FU*K STEAM. Steam did nothing good for no body and Steam sales are overrated! On Bethesda.net their games will reach a much more broad audience and make it far easier to get Creation Club content. You can only look to Origin and Uplay as glorious examples to see how right I am!


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