My Idea for a Fallout Game

fallout 4 - My Idea for a Fallout Game

Edit: I had created this yesterday but as I say a bit lower I don't Post to reddit so I didn't really have an account and since I had just created my account this post was removed to reduce….spam, fake accounts etc….. they may have told me that when I made the account you can't post for 24 hours… Beats me any way here is my post….again.


I don't Reddit much in fact this would be my first post but honestly not sure where else to voice this idea.

None the less here's my idea:

You're a ghoul; yep you start the game post fallout going about your mundane life and then the sirens go off. You scramble to get to safety…..maybe even getting into a fridge….jk we all know that wouldn't work.

Now this has TONS of possibilities:

  1. You could go start RIGHT after the fallout. Your character getting to see what it would be like right after the fallout. Fending off all the other people trying to survive as they are erratically grabbing at you for help dying in front of your eyes, Raiding to survive, and all the other horrors that would come with immediate fallout.
  2. A Montage of the Character going through time until you get the meat of the story you are wanting to tell with them.
  3. A sequel, prequel, or having them in previous fallout games and hearing about your previous characters crusades.

I know what you are thinking what about radiation?!? They solved that problem for me in the DLC in Fallout 4. Nuka-World. When you go to one section that has nothing but Ghouls you find out that their friends become feral because they have been exposed to to much radiation…..sooooo the same mechanic still works. You still take rads to reduce your RAD intake. Granted some of the perks would change but you're not invincible to RADs now.


I've thought about this for awhile but with Fallout 76 I doubt it would ever take off or even get a chance; let alone knowing how or who to send this to so it could see light of day.

I've thought about making it a Fan Fiction Character but I wouldn't know how to do it legally, like Minecraft The Island by Max Brooks; But if I was going to make it a "new" idea you'd have to rename everything for legal reason and that would be overwhelming and more over, as you can tell by this post, I'm not the best with grammar or sentence structure. HA!

I still may want to tell the tale of this Character one day, but I just thought it would be a fresh start and character to Fallout.

Thanks for reading.

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