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fallout 2 - My idea for Fallout 5-New York

A lot of people have been sharing their ideas for Fallout 5. I think this makes it justifiable if i share my ideas.

Fallout 5

Location: New York State ( New York City, and other places)

Factions: Super Mutant Remnants. (Super Mutants pushed from Washington D.C)

Raiders. (Duh, but maybe different raider gangs could rule parts of New York city, like Times Square?)

Rikers Island Ghouls. (Ghoulified prisoners of Rikers island. Now they are a mercenary group that serve whoever pays them.)

Staten Island survivors. (Title says it all. Maybe they could be the good guys?)

Talon Company. (They could be rivals to the Rikers island group. It would be great to see these guys return.)

Metro Survivors. (Basically the descendants of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who fled into the Metro's when the bombs fell. I understand it is a cheesy idea that has parallels to Metro: Last Light, but it would make no sense if the Metro's were totally devoid of life.)

Bronx Zoo cultists. (People who worship the ghoulified animals at the Bronx zoo. They often use animals in combat, such as attack dogs for example. They are a splinter faction of the Children of Atom.)

Enclave holdouts. (I understand why someone could argue the Enclave idea has been beat to death throughout the series, but hear me out. They could be the Enclave units that have been pushed from Washington D.C after the Lone Wanderer killed most of them. Enclave units could serve as tough late-game enemies.)


I am thinking that a lot of how your character plays (Mainly combat and perks) should be based on Fallout 4, but I want the dialogue mechanics that Fallout NV and Fallout 3 had. I think the settlement system should return. (Maybe you can have a skyscraper to yourself HELL YEAH.) I also want item degradation back. (The only thing Fallout 76 did right.) I am also thinking that you should be able to hire the mercenary groups to do your bidding. (Strong companions that can die, but be replaced, guards at settlements, paying them to attack locations, etc.)


Location gameplay: As stated earlier, I think it would be cool if the settlement feature returned. I'm thinking that in the city, that the place flows somewhat like Washington D.C in Fallout 3: a lot of rubble, but you can use the Metro ruins to get around. However, at the same time, I do not want every last part of the city to be like that. (Maybe some of the factions could have scavenged construction equipment and cleared some of the rubble in some places?)

I also want to be able to play in some other parts of the New York state. (Like White plains for example. Or maybe you could visit Albany?)

Weapons: I think it would be cool to have some weapons from New Vegas return, or even have brand new weapons. Some weapons I have suggested are:

Anti-Material Rifle-From Fallout NV

M16A4-Brand New (In one of my previous posts, I criticized the Assault Rifle from Fallout 4.)

M14-Brand New (On the same post I criticized the Assault Rifle from Fallout 4, someone brought up the M14 in the comments.)

Nail Gun-Fallout NV

Pump Action Shotgun-Fallout 76

DLC: Out of The Pitt.

Remnants of The Pitt raiders have settled in Schenectady, and are fighting and enslaving the populace there. You can go to Schenectady and pick a side. You can fight with either the raiders, the populace, kill both sides, or even exploit the war for your own gain.

This is my idea. Feel free to criticize it, and do not be afraid to be honest! Be as nice, or as harsh as you feel the need to be. Thank you very much for reading this.

*Note: I have the spoiler tag on because not every player may know about The Pitt, Talon Company, The Enclave, or even the weapons from Fallout NV.*

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